abdl247:How many Diapers can I put on at once?The beautiful…


How many Diapers can I put on at once?The beautiful Odette Delacroix is an amazing woman. She’s so cute and so lovely and SO into diapers. She wants to stay in diapers for a long long time. So after a long day she decides that putting on some pull up diapers is great but how many can she put on. 1? 2? 3? more! more diapers. Then when the bag is done, she puts on a big diaper just keep it all snug. That bulky diapers make her butt look huge… uh oh! Someone is going potty! She fills the diapers all the way till they can’t hold any more peepee. Full diapers. Diapers so bulk, so cute! Do you love Odette Delacroix in diapers? how about 10 diapers? hehehehee you will love her in all them.