Helping your little feel little in a big world


Part of a Daddy’s job is to help their little feel safe in exploring their little side. While not every little feels comfortable doing this in public, it can be fun and freeing to try it.

Some small ways you can help your little feel little in public:

– take them places where it’s socially acceptable for adults to act a bit like kids, such as the zoo, amusement parks, or baseball games
– hold their hand when crossing the street.
– place your hand on their shoulder or the back of their neck
– fasten their seatbelt for them
– get the children’s menu at restaurants
– order for them
– cut their food for them
– head pats and forehead kisses
– give them a quarter for the gumball machine
– pack a small toy or stickers in their lunch
– encourage small ways of dressing little outside of home, like hair bows or knee socks
– tie their shoes for them