***** Please Read – Help Needed for Medically Necessary Items…

***** Please Read – Help Needed for Medically Necessary Items *****

i’m in need of a huge favor. well, a lot of help.
amazon wishlist link to assist with the below

i am completely out of wrapping (listed as”stretch athletic tape, 6 rolls”), gauze (listed as “bordered gauze”), and bandaids (the large squares and the multi-pack would work best) to wrap my wound. 

i have been reusing the same ones for the last three days – but without a series of bandaids to avoid infections. if ANYONE can assist in this matter, i would be truly grateful. i am supposed to change these out every day and with a fresh set – but i can’t at this time. i have been checking my mailbox every day for a small disability check i’m supposed to get of $100, but it still needs to go to water by the 5th at the latest. so any help would be beyond words appreciated.

secondary, my cats have about two days of food left. if there is anyone who can grab a bag of science diet cat food from the wish list, they would be extremely happy. they are also out of cat litter, so that would be grateful as well.

toothpaste, mouthwash, medication, and blood pressure needs can wait over general needs to take care of my wound and to feed my cats. thank you so much.

i updated the wishlist on amazon to put “**NEEDED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE**” so they stand out. thank you so much for any help.

love, sabrina