my emotion’s. sabrina as a whole. opened up, simply puti need to…

my emotion’s. sabrina as a whole. opened up, simply put
i need to say — thank you – to all of you. thank you, thank you.

i’m not going to do anything but say thank you for every single person who has not just bought something from my wishlist on amazon or sent a gift card – but also sent me something as simple, yet not as simple as a single message. as i told someone earlier, i want to find a way to put all of these messages and cards from amazon packages together into a book to look at when i’m down.

i know i’m fighting this knee surgery. i know i have physical therapy coming up. i know i’m dirt poor. i know i’m dying to use these food gift cards because i need food. i know i have ankle surgery in about a month. i know i need to be able to have courage right now. not just for myself but to:

ask for help from everyone. to ask for support. to ask for love. i keep crying. i’m emotional. i’m tired. i’m exhausted. i’m in pain. i won’t sleep tonight. i just want to say thank you. everything hurts inside and bandaids or not, your friendship as a community continues to hold me together.

i love you all. thank you for helping me. if you want to, please check out my wishlist on amazon. if you can’t help that way, just think of me for a second and know i’m going to get through this.

because i feel all of your love and i love you all too.
xoxo, sabrina