this is me, exactly as i was yesterday – emotional for many…

this is me, exactly as i was yesterday – emotional for many reasons
i let one person hear my story yesterday (thank you – you)
but to show you all, this is how i am – to show you who i am;
and a reason to thank you all, as usual

if you go back through my blog, you see me in diapers and playing and having fun. posts come randomly, when real and nothing else than that nature. i’ve always prided myself in keeping to who i was – not being a model for money and just offering help, support, and love to this community.

but this community supplied it all back. in so many ways that i can find more than the filipino word we use to say thank you: salamat. i wish i could give you everything back. i hope that when i everything straightens away and i’m reminded of how much this community has done for me, maybe the pictures, the words, this girl – neverland – sabrina, will be enough. because i can never pay back the love and generosity everyone has offered.

for now, i have a lovely ice pack around my leg, a small round of laundry going, cats on treats, and my dishes washed. they’re small things but thank you.

i’m going to work on tidying my amazon wishlist as there’s only a few things i need left – mostly what is listed. i did add some cheap furniture used to incline my shoes, put towels and etc. in the bathroom for each reach, etc. but outside of that – what’s there is all i need – and it all came with your love. thank you.

with love, always,
sabrina – you’re always welcome home to neverland, anytime.