pictures of the past for a hope to the futurePHYSICAL THERAPY…

pictures of the past for a hope to the future
this truly may be the last time i need help. please help if you can!

I saw my surgeon today, 14 days after my surgery. we had to drain my leg and he was very happy to see the progress – the new bandages put on perfectly (thank you), the inflammation going down with icing (thank you), and the overall progress. so he wants me to go forward with physical therapy 3 times a week.

i am also okay for work on AUGUST 27TH! however, if i show him great improvement come July 24th – I can return on JULY 27TH!

as i know working in the physical therapy world and with him being very direct – i have to basically keep on my exercises 24/7. and even after ankle surgery, i would only miss 2-3 days so i could basically stay at work starting july 27th if i do my therapy everyday.

Please. Please. PLEASE. i updated my amazon wishlist to add everything i need to work on increasing my ROM and mobility, etc. doing these every day could help me get back to work and make an income again. and i wish to pay it forward after i get back on my feet at work!!

if you can look at my wishlist and see anything that says “Physical Therapy Needed” and help, i would be truly thankful. my income, for a month, would literally increase to an extra $1,700 with this month of work (after deductions, taxes, etc). please, please, please and thank you. i want to go back to work so much and i just need help. the things i need most are:

  • the pedal exerciser to help my ROM and to help me start… driving!! it will also help my muscles strengthen since the surgery.
  • the goniometer – to range my leg when i’m at home to see how far i am from a certain degree needed where the surgeon would be ok with me going back to work.
  • the massage bolster – so i can to ankle pumps, hamstring sets, quad sets and a few other exercises.
  • the “transfer” board to be used for heel slides so i can increase my range of motion.
  • the resistance bands to stretch my legs. i put them around the legs of a chair and do think like knee extensions, etc.
  • then the balance pad to gain balance back with tandem standing and one leg stances; the foot slant for gastoc stretch; weights to increase when i begin to do new activity such as marching, stright leg raises, etc; the thermedic ankle brace to use at work so i miss no work after my ankle surgery; 

with love, hope, and happiness