the start of physical therapy – thanks to you all – thank…

the start of physical therapy – thanks to you all – thank you
please read, and consider helping our your neverland
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i knew i wanted to show you all some of the exercises i have been doing now that i’m focusing on getting to work this july 27th instead of late august/september  (truly, knowing this is one of the biggest things that has made me smile outside of you all, of course)!! 

i wouldn’t have a chance without the help from you all to bring home some of the physical therapy equipment i need to help when i’m not at therapy (going three times a week – but doing my stretches 2-3x a day).

i plan to post more pictures as i continue to do my therapy whenever i get more equipment to do my stretches. if you want to help me – please look at my wishlist and see if you can help. any help would be greatly appreciated. 

if you go back on my blog, you’ll be able to read the story of my series of events (in a tldr; version): driving to work; 360′d two-and-a-half times across four lanes of highway on interstate 95 during rush hour; not getting hit by a miracle but suffering from ptsd due to what i saw coming; going backwards into trees and a ditch; surgery; and now… recovery.

with awe, thanks, care, and… love,
sabrina – your neverland

ps. equality wins – [ 💙 💚 💛 💜 💖 ] [ ♂♂ / ♀♀ / ⚥ ] [ love is love ]