💚 PLEASE – first off, if you have a moment – take a second to…

💚 PLEASE – first off, if you have a moment – take a second to read this post. if you ever get a message that is negative like this – never forget that you are PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE. and if you don’t believe that, come to me and i will remind you. it is always what i wanted to do with this blog – remind you that you are LOVED.

happy 28th birthday to me!

you know what i mean 😉 two days ago was my 28th birthday and it was far from perfect, it was still the best that i could make of it because of the following reasons (and really, if you think about it – they’re all amazing reasons):

  • i am alive. yes, let’s be serious. in the car accident – i could have died. i did not and i am still here to celebrate me turning 28 – going on 3. this is something i do not fail to forget.
  • i am back at work! right now i am only allowed to work light duty, but i got approval from all three needed physicians and i am now working light duty for the next 1-2 months. originally my planned return date was the end of august/early september – but i took that with a katana and sliced in a part and returned to work in just 42 days after my accident and only   33 days after my surgery. 

    i did not give up. i could not give up. i am so thankful to have you supporting me – financially, with gifts from amazon to help me actually become functional so that i went from crutches to cane and from crawling to driving. i began to walk with the support of you all. thank you.

and now, the last help i will need (i hope)

now that i am returning to work, i will begin to make finances. that being said, due to my return date and my next actual pay date and the reduction i will receive in my next check due to owing for: health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, etc – i will be unable to pay the following four bills and i need help: rent for august; electricity that is still two months behind; my internet and cable combination; and my water/sewer bill. 

the bills above have set dates that are due before my payday of august 7th. i have already pushed them to the extreme over the summer and as stated in previous blogs – i am on my own with this from now on (and while i am not ready to go into details for this, i think you all understand what i mean). my total balance due for the four bills above is: $1,187.22. this does not include food/groceries.

if you can assist in helping me pay for this, i can use my ‘GoFundMe’ Account to pay any of the four bills as well as my PayPal Account which will be linked below. i have also linked my amazon wishlist which lists at the top the following items: amazon gift cards (i use for the amazon prime pantry; whole food gift cards; and last but not least: happy birthday gifts that i would have wished for on my birthday as a 3 year old). 

💝 PayPal Email Address: sabbiecat@icloud.com (used for bills)
💝 Go Fund Me Link: Click Here To Access (used for bills)
💝 Amazon Wishlist: Click Here To Access (groceries and birthday presents)

with a prayer, this will be the last time i need help. after this? i have ideas and plans for how to pay it forward. especially with the changes in my life. thank you for your help. i do care and love you all, regardless if you can help or not.

yours always, sabrina – your neverland, where you’re always welcomed home to it you’re lost – or just need a place to go