sadisticgames: Would you like to hear about one of My most…


Would you like to hear about one of My most favorite things to do?

I love it when I end up with a sub who is in that age group where they are still trying to hide their uncertainty. 

They are constantly trying to prove that they are an adult, that they have their shit together. 

It often results in a bratty sub, acting up to hide their insecurities, telling Me that of course they know what they are doing. 

I am not especially into littles personally, but I do love to take a young woman, sprinting towards adulthood, grabbing her by the back of the neck, and showing her just how wrong she is. 

I have seen “grown women’ beg to be allowed to take their hair out of pigtails and ribbons. 

I have seen them blush in shame being made to wear childish night clothes. 

Few subs enjoy corner time or being made to savor a bar of soap. 

It only works on a particular kind of person, but when it does, it’s amazing. 

Just another example of how different people are. 

What someone in a DD/lg relationship may love, I can use to break someone else completely. 

A beautiful reminder that some of us need coloring books, some of us need hairbrush spankings, and sex is good with either one or both.