Today was interesting.


Today, for the first time ever, I witnessed a grown woman (mid-early twenties) pee their pants – in public.

I work retail at a pharmacy. On this particular Thursday morning, at around 8:45 AM I happened to be ringing people up at the cash register. Our store is particularly slow, so there wasn’t much business, but I didn’t see this woman walk in. She’s also semi-regular, so that may be why I didn’t take particular notice. Anyways, she gets to the register with two bottles of Gatorade, and asks for two packs of cigarettes. She wasn’t fidgeting or looking desperate in any way I’ve ever seen it, but while I’m scanning things into the register she speaks:

“Great, I peed my pants.”

And sure enough, I can see a dark trail trickling down her legs on both sides. There wasn’t much at first but by the end of the transaction, there was a definite puddle between her legs. She made no attempt to stop herself, make excuses or even say another word besides returning my “Have a nice day.” I, of course, was far too stunned to say anything. The customer in line behind her didn’t say a word to her, or to me during her transaction. She was an older woman, probably 50′s, and I’m pretty sure they arrived separately. I’d never seen them in the store at the same time.

I am 99% sure she peed herself intentionally, and here’s why:

1: She wasn’t struggling, didn’t look desperate. No squirming or hunching over, leg crossing, etc.

2: All she said was “Great, I peed my pants” when she started leaking all over.

3: She did not try to stop herself then, the just spread her legs a bit apart and continued using the pin pad. The leg-spacing was the kind only an experienced pants-wetter would do to minimize mess.

4: She did not make excuses, she did not run out of the store, she did not blush or act embarrassed.

5: She had every opportunity to stop at the restroom before coming to the register. It was a small transaction, just cigs and two Gatorades.


She didn’t pee THAT much. I’ve seen people pee who had been intentionally holding. There was enough to make a puddle, and obviously her pants were wet, but just in between her legs.


If she had a bladder issue that was so bad as she would randomly pee like that, she’d have diapers on. She also didn’t buy diapers, so she probably wasn’t out.

In summary, one of you omo dorks (I love you all <3) peed their pants right in front of me and it was super cute, if not confusing – especially because it was the least convincing accident I’ve ever seen. Alternatively, some poor girl recently developed incontinence issues and doesn’t know how to deal with them yet.