I might be back soon!!!

I haven’t posted captions for a couple of months, but I might be back on my caption game when school starts in September!

This summer was exhaustingly awesome. I turned 22. I had my first leadership position, my own office and assistant (whom I started dating for a while.. dont know where that’ll take us.. I feel she might be inclined to try DDLG hehe). I managed over 30 employees for a pro-bono firm. Helping all those low income families and refugees really felt like I was doing something for my community.

I still have many things I wish to accomplish, but I havent forgotten you, weirdos! I’m grateful for all 3500 of y’all who come on this blog to have a good time. I’ll get on my naughty writing game asap 😉

I hope you all had a wonderful summer. STAY WEIRD