likedaddylikedaughter: carnal-cravings: On those days he comes…



On those days he comes home from work and finds his little cupcake napping on the bed.  Daddy places a kiss on the top of her head, careful not to wake her, because little girls need their sleep when they are exhausted.   He then takes a seat right in the reading chair next to the bed, and watches over her until her eyes flutter and she awakens with a stifled yawn. 

“Hello princess, having dreams of castles and snow? ,” he quietly says with a warm smile.

She uses the back of her hands to rub away the sleepiness from her eyes, “Want cuddles. Hold me?” she says with her sleepy voice.

Daddy climbs on the bed and wraps himself around his cutie pie, providing her the reassurances and comfort she needs. She lays her head against his chest, and starts rambling off a long list of activities she wants to do with him the rest of the evening…  His response is the one she was hoping for, “Anything you want, princess.”

*tears up* THIS.