So sex working is the same as prostitution? I thought maybe there was a difference. Do you just call it a nicer name because it doesn’t sound as bad or is it different than prostitution?

There’s a lot of reasons why people choose not to use the word prostitute. Mainly because it’s a word that’s used to criminalize people who trade sex. The term prostitution is kinda vague. Porn stars, sugar babies etc wouldn’t be criminalized as prostitutes (despite trading sex), while fetish workers who don’t offer sexual contact would (despite not trading sex). So the term prostitute reallyyyy just means criminalized sex worker.. Which implies that what we’re doing is somehow immoral, harmful, or that we’re inherently bad people. In short, it’s a word with a whole bunch of stigma attached to it. Sex worker is a more neutral term, it describes a job rather than a person. It’s accurate, modern, and inclusive.  

Some full service sex workers don’t mind being referred to/referring to themselves as prostitutes, some do. But like anything, when a group of people tell you that a word is offensive, oppressive, or just plain incorrect, then you should listen to them and stop using it. Personally I don’t mind the term and often refer to myself as a prostitute, hooker, whore etc. I do prefer to be referred to as a sex worker by non full service sex workers though. 

Ps. In before I get accused of trying to ‘sugar coat’ my profession.