You say underage littles being in the little community is “illegal” but you see, being a prostitute is ACTUALLY ILLEGAL. Also, as an underage little, me coloring and wearing my princess Jammies (as you said it on a post I’ve saw of yours) is WAAAY better than you sleeping with old men and posting nasty pictures of you fat ugly body. Sorry but the people that have been saying you’re cute are most likely also old men that want a free Bj from your fat ass. 💁❤️

Decriminalizing full service sex work is actually in the interest of protecting sex workers, it would help contain sex trafficking, cut government expenditures,  and increase tax revenues.. Which is why prostitution has been decriminalized under more progressive governments and why people are still fighting for decriminalization in places where it hasn’t. Do you know what sort of people advocate your right to be involved in the BDSM community? The sort of people who advocate adult/child relationships. The sort of people who don’t care about anyone’s best interest but their own. When you’re older, I’m sure you’ll respect my fat, ugly, hooking ass waaay more than the grown ups who wanted you in adult communities. I know I do.