Little Living #5: Horrible homework

This is a new (irregular) series by @helplesslyregressed aiming to provide a variety of creative behavior rules for ageplay-oriented BDSM relationships.

Many littles see their caregivers as providing teaching and guidance to them.  When you like your ageplay to involve some abuse and exploitation, well … it requires some different forms of teaching.

One possible assignment is to direct a girl to watch a particular kind of porn.  (Unless, obviously, you’re in one of the rare jurisdictions where she can be old enough to consent to sex without being old enough to view porn.  There are a few.)  This can be represented as her viewing instructional videos about technique – or being trained to enjoy something specific as you warp and twist her regressing mind at your whim.  Alternately, she could be assigned to read literary erotica and write book reports about it.  (The Marquis de Sade makes a nice mix of sexual content and sometimes slow, difficult reading.)

You might find a textbook for the age group you’re regressing your adult lover to, and ask her to write paragraphs creatively applying the concepts in the book to her service to you.  (This is a difficult one, unless it’s certain chapters of high-school biology!  You can find out what her least favorite subject was if you want to be really cruel.)

Have her draw crayon pictures of whatever you tell her to draw.  A daily or weekly drawing would be a nice regular task.

Make her write lengthy descriptive paragraphs about whatever feature of her own body you choose for her.  Another good regular task!

Adult baby girls can be given word lists to copy and define, expanding their vocabulary – or changing it to suit you.  She must learn how you’re redefining words at your pleasure or risk punishment for using them “incorrectly.”  Similarly, you can have her build up an encyclopedia of punishments – describing their method of application; their effect on her physically, mentally, and emotionally; and notable occasions on which she earned those specific punishments.  When she’s seeming naughty, have her come up with a complete entry for a punishment that’s never been applied to her before.