Power Exchange ideas with your little

  • Take away their adult privileges when they get home.
  • Restrict screen time
  • Make them ask for food, littles need help to get those things!
  • Make them change into a diaper, pull-ups or training pants to enforce the fact that they are little and need this just in case. You should probably help them into their little gear too tops!
  • Ask them if they need to go to the bathroom periodically, especially before car ride or when out in public, make them go potty even when they say they’re fine. Do they really know? Can you really trust a littles judgement? 😛
  • Stop them when they try to do things for their selves and remind them just how small they are.
  • Run their bath for them, even if they don’t want to have a bath! You’re their caregiver, you take care of them and make these decisions for them!
  • Give a list of chores to do while you’re away, punish/ground them if they don’t follow through.
  • If they’ve been on the computer for too long stop them. They’re too little to spend that much time on a computer, coloring in a coloring book is more appropriate for somebody their age.
  • Encourage them when being little, remind them that it is okay to be little around you ♡
  • Be sincere in your interest when they are being little, playing, coloring etc.
  • Understand that your little is not a slave and isn’t going to be as easily told to do things like a slave might. Expect some resistance at times they are the child in this, they do pout and fuss.
  • You are their caregiver, so care for them as if they were a child, and make sure that they know that they are the child here. That’s the whole point of a power exchange relationship in this context.