Here’s some with me (Mommy Missy) aimed for DL…

Here’s some with me (Mommy Missy) aimed for DL’s WITHOUT the AB/BABY aspects of it. 
the first one has me checking your pullups in the morning & realized you had a full wetting & that you leaked on the bed. It’ll be diapers for you tonight. tomorrow I check you but you’ve got a little stiffy in there so I tell you you’ve got to take care of that before I change you. Then it’s a forced orgasm in diaper with the hitachi wand.
The 2nd one is that I have to diaper you at work because your productivity is too low at work cuz you’re jacking off & taking too many bathroom breaks in there. So I diaper you and then diaper check you a couple times during work hours.
The NEXT day, I put the diaper on you but you’ve got a boner so I tell you to cum in your diaper before the workday so you’re not distracted. You’re taking too long so I start rubbing over your diaper to make you cum cuz you need to get to work!