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voknowsbest: Cinnamon is helping this little girl get a clean…


Cinnamon is helping this little girl get a clean pull up over the *maybe* soaked one and a bambino on top of that ??

– Vo ???

Wet American Summer Part 7 (Sneek Peek)

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately, I’m starting up a business and I’ve been stressed out a lot, contemplating the future and shit…  Anyways here is a a sneek peek to the brand new chapter of the Wet American Story! This chapter is a bit longer than the others, it has a big pay-off/climax from the previous chapters if you caught the hints! You can find the whole chapter for 1$ (per post) minimum on my Patreon!Click here:

This chapter will become available on my Tumblr for free when the next one is on Patreon. However my other special ordered stories are only available on Patreon.Here you go, I hope you enjoy it!Chapter 7I walked back to the parking lot, holding my Goodnites bag. Frankie was already in the car, waiting. I was suspicious. I entered the car on the driver side and took a seat.Ashley: You hadn’t locked your door?Frankie: Must’ve forgotten.Ashley: Why did you leave without me? I was looking for you…Frankie : I saw you running right ahead, I thought I’d let you handle it. Plus I was tired of holding all those shopping bags. You were in such a hurry to buy your Pull-Ups, I thought maybe you needed a change.Ashley: Don’t be stupid.I tossed the Goodnites bag on her. She got a look at it.Frankie: 20 huh, and how long is that supposed to last? A week?Ashley: Very funny. Remember our deal. I played along today so you’re gonna speak to Aunt Sally and tonight is the last night I have to wear Pull-Ups.  Do I have your word?Frankie: Of course you have my word Ash. I will do everything I can to convince Grandma that you shouldn’t be wearing those at night.She seemed sincere, but I didn’t like her tone. It was too easy. She had been humiliating me for the past 3 days, would she stop now just because I asked her to? We drove back to the cottage. Fankie took her shopping bags from the trunk almost ran inside, obviously letting me carry the Goodnites pack. I should’ve taken a plastic bag from the cashier to conceal them but I was too embarassed to be buying them on my own in the first place. I entered the cottage sneakily, trying to avoid being seen by anyone. It looked like the living room was empty.Nancy: Hey Ash!The voice of my cousin almost gave me a panick attack. I tried to hide the Goodnite bag behind my back but it fell on the floor. Shit. Nancy was reading a book, sitting on the couch.Nancy: I saw my daughter running down the stairs, I thought she might be with you. She looked like she was in a hurry. Shopping spree?Ashley: Huh, yeah I guess you can say that.I nervously picked up the pink package, trying to look casual. Nancy didn’t seem suprised at all.Nancy: Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. I saw my mom cleaning up your sheets yesterday, she told me about your accident… I’m so sorry you that it’s still happening to you Ash, I really am. It must be tough for you, but I’m sure it’ll pass. You won’t have to wear those all summer.

I wondered if she knew I was wearing one of those under my super tight jean shorts as we spoke.

Ashley: I hope not…Nancy: Is Frankie giving you a hard time? I know she’s always been pretty bossy, especially with you.What could I say? Would Nancy believe me if I told her the only reason I was currently wearing Pull-Ups was that her brat of a daughter conspired against me? And what would happen if I said so? That could revoke my deal with Frankie, she could try to take revenge… No. I should deal with that on my own, not let her mother intervene. She wouldn’t respect me if I did. I would only make me look like a tatle tale, not a strong independant woman. 

immdmamazing: Got my first pull ups!!!!!!!!


Got my first pull ups!!!!!!!!

Special underwearby bobbyvenice

cheshirepussy: come babysit me 


come babysit me 

quietbella: Tigers?and princesses??


Tigers?and princesses??

pacifybella:? ?✨


? ?✨

voknowsbest:This is how this little girl goes to sleep every…


This is how this little girl goes to sleep every night and wakes up wet and happy the next morning !

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girlwithaturtle:Went out shopping today in my Tsum Tsum dress…


Went out shopping today in my Tsum Tsum dress and pull-ups ??