a simple goodbye for now

a simple goodbye for now:

i’m overwhelmed by the community in what they have given me and as of monday, july 20th – my birthday – i returned to work with all the thanks to everyone here on tumblr. with that being said, i have been rampaged by individuals who continue to feel upset that i am unable to chat or make phone calls as i am working – well, doing working hours and i cannot violate HIPPA regulations. i’ve had people upset over not being talked to be – people who stated they had cancer and they were pissed i got items i requested on behalf of the community (and then later admitted she did not have cancer and deleted her profile from FetLife) – i’ve had people who were upset i could not leave a patient for an hour to speak to them while i was at work.

please view my blog for the moment. please.

i took a long time to put everything together, and i assure you that once i am stable enough to pay it forward, i will return and take care of everyone  can. i hope that this will be around the middle of september.

until then, this neverland always welcomes you home.

i love you all. thank you for all the donations, physical therapy supply help, and love that i cannot express in proper words for what it means to me. you all supported me when i could not support myself, and even more, when i was losing support of my… my significant other. thank you for holding onto me so i could survive.

love, your sabrina