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Puddle Pants 😭

I’m busy doing homework and totally forgot I’m not wearing a diaper 🙈

My seat and pants are now soaked 😓 it’s an occurrence that’s becoming more and more frequent. I need someone to ensure I stay padded at all times 😣 can’t you all remind me I’m not ready for big kid undies? 🙈

Watch this video : HERE


Watch this video : HERE

Diaper checks, changes and breastfeeding. Just…

Diaper checks, changes and breastfeeding. Just sweet mommy Bella feeding AB Jamie, multiple normal & thorough diaper checks, breastfeeding in the crib and changes! Just a mommy & her baby. Download this video + ABDL Audio fantasies too!

Bedwetter Pride

When I first started wetting the bed, pride was never something I thought I’d associate with it. 😒

It’s shameful and embarrassing to be a high school student and find yourself waking up in piss puddles. 😓

Of course as I embraced it, I came to realize that I loved wearing diapers. They were incredibly comfy, made me feel extremely cute and above all, they kept my bed dry. 😌 I don’t even mind that I’m at the point now that I’ve spent more of my life in diapers than out of diapers 😂 I think that officially makes me a baby 😝

When you’re a bedwetting boy, you often find yourself faced with a unique problem. 😳

You wake up wet and horny. Sticking your hand down a wet diaper is kinda icky. No matter how much you like them. 😝

So you decide to start dealing with morning wood the only way you know how. With a warm, squishy diaper between your legs, you start humping every wet diaper you wear. 😌

Filling your diapers with cummies becomes a natural past time. It makes you feel less ashamed about wearing diapers. 😏

You then make the mistake I did. While buying your diapers one day, you find yourself curious. You absolutely LOVE how comfy diapers are. How do you know that binkies aren’t as relaxing and comforting as well? 🤔

So next think you know, you’re crawling around double diapered, suckling a binky and wearing a onesie. 🍼😌

Well now, I’ve made an Instagram for me to post diapered pics on and in one day I’ve gotten 40 followers 😂 maybe I’ve found a new place to be myself!

Mommy Whitney buys a special shrinking formula…

Mommy Whitney buys a special shrinking formula to shrink you to real baby size and she loves you this way! so much easier to change your wittle diapers and breastfeed you! Super loving sweet ABDL Mommy to download now!

Your ABDL Mommy jerks your little stiffy befor…

Your ABDL Mommy jerks your little stiffy before closing your diaper. Sexy and matter of factly, like she just needs to take care of your hard stiffy in an efficient manner. Download this MP3

Managed to capture the exact moment I started …

Managed to capture the exact moment I started messing myself 😂

To celebrate all of my selfie likes, I was gonna experiment with using a tripod so I could have some new angles!

Instead, what you’re seeing is the moment I froze and began pooping in my diaper as I climbed my bed🙈

I tried to stop for my photoshoot but I feel so camera shy when I’m messy 😳

Instead I’m just mushing it around in my diaper right now 😌


So Excited I Peed My Pants 🙈

Well technically my diaper 😝

I’ve been a bouncy baby boy all day cause I’ve been trying to hold my pee as long as possible 😳

When I saw how much my selfies blew up, I couldn’t contain my excitement 🙈 I’m happy, soaked and a little turned on 😅

I’ve got my new spooky onesie from @onesiesdow…

I’ve got my new spooky onesie from @onesiesdownunder 😌

I’m so excited! Not only is it just the cutest onesie ever, I’ll get to openly be a baby this Halloween 😁

I’m so happy to finally be posting pics more r…

I’m so happy to finally be posting pics more regularly 🤗