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Wet American Summer (Chapter 29)

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Chapter 29

‘‘I wanted this.’‘

I kept repeating it to myself, thinking it would make it easier to deal with. This was what I chose to wear. I went to the kids’ room by my own accord, I picked up a pair of those princess Pull-Ups and stole it from their cupboard. I had every intention of putting it on at the time, so I shouldn’t feel ashamed for wearing it now.

My plan however, was to wear them under baggy sweatpants, on the bus back to the city, to avoid a potential accident. At the time, it seemed like it would feel better than waddling about in a big diaper… and now that I had them on, I could honestly say that they did… though they were pretty tight on me.

What really made a difference in my mind was Casey knowing I had them on.  Believing it’s what I belonged in, a bright pink Huggies training pants. Asking me to ‘’put my Pull-Ups on’’ , like a good little toddler. It was nauseating.

It might’ve been my choice to remove my diaper, but it wasn’t my choice to wear these now.I was just doing what I was told.

I wasn’t a responsible young adult taking the precaution of wearing extra protection for a dry passage back to my normal life. I was a 19 year old brat who had to be kept in disposable training pants so she doesn’t pee everywhere.

As much as I was used to wearing ‘’Pull-Ups’’ by now, the previous ones were made for my size and for teenagers even bigger than me. Sure I also felt slightly odd in a Goodnite, but at least they fit me.The princess trainers were a whole other level. Even the largest size available was noticeably small, reminding me I wasn’t supposed to be wearing them at my age.

The bright pink color and the Disney princesses theme also felt shockingly childish and the purple tear away sides were larger. ‘’Designed for more frequent accidents’’ I thought as I slid them on.

I was surprised that they didn’t rip apart. How fat could those toddlers be for these to stretch out all the way to a small adult size?!

I walked out of the bathroom with just a t-shirt and my Pull-Up in full view, to satisfy the ever growing curiosity of my hired babysitter. It was the only way I would get my phone back and avoid the catastrophe of Casey intercepting messages between James and I. She was still her official girlfriend after all.

Casey: My God, those look so adorable on you!

She was speaking with a genuine tone of fondness. Same tone she would’ve used if she we were shopping together and I was trying on a cute dress. I was taken aback, standing there awkwardly for a second, attempting to find my balance, shifting my weight between my feet as my underwear crinkled underneath.

Basically, I was waiting for her to be satisfied and move on to the next clothing item. I was her doll, getting dressed for her pleasure.

Casey: Turn around! See, now I understand why you wanted to hide these. Were you afraid I’d want to put one on myself? They’d be too small for me hun, but I’ve gotta tell you… they fit quite well! Dare I say, they suit you even better than those puffy diapers you had on before! Putting the big girl back in you, I love that! Now at least you can go to the bathroom and pull them up and down, right? That’s why they’re called Pull-Ups isn’t it? Who knows, you could even make it on time. We might potty train you yet!

Ashley: Can I put on my clothes now? And have my phone back!

Casey: Easy now, remember I’m doing you a favor here. I’m not sure your aunt would approve that I’m allowing you to wear these… That’s why you hid them, no? Think of it as a privilege. If your aunt had her way you’d be stuck in Pampers for the rest of your life. She’s a pretty messed up woman.

She wasn’t wrong there, but I disliked the way she said it. There was something in her eyes that showed she understood how fucked up this whole mess was. She knew as well as I did that they were using my ‘’accidents’’ to take my clothes from me, my underwear, my responsibilities, my adulthood.

Casey was toying with me, sure. Searching for ways to take full advantage of this situation, but she wasn’t fooled by their crazy act and she wasn’t as manipulative as Frankie. It was difficult for me to identify her agenda. She just seemed curious of where this thing would go and wanted to stick around to find out, if it meant slowly pushing me towards the edge.

I only had one last day in this shit hole and I wasn’t about to turn it into another public humiliation, so I complied.

Ashley: I’m sorry Casey. See I’m wearing my Pull-Ups now. Can I please be allowed to put my clothes on?

Casey:  I like that tone better. Of course sweetheart.

She handed me my jean short overalls before holding them back right when I was about to grab them.

Casey : But first let’s discuss some ground rules.

I breathed in loudly, annoyed. I thought I had made it clear I wouldn’t go by her rules anymore. Now she had my phone though. My only way to communicate with James.

Casey: I understand you, Ashley. You don’t want to wear diapers anymore. Frankly, I also think you’re too old for them. I mean… how do you think you’ll get a boyfriend if you still pee your pants and need diaper changes every day?

Ashley: I… sure, right.

Casey: And yes, it’s the same with stealing other people’s boyfriends.

What did she know?

Casey: So, now that you have big girl Pull-Ups on, we’ll start potty training you. From now on, whenever you need to go to the bathroom, I want you to…

Ashley: …come and tell you and you’ll take me to the potty and slide my pants down and tell me what a good girl I was. Is that it?

I was so done with that bullshit.

Casey: Nice try! But that’s too easy… we do that with toddlers and as you’ve said yourself you’re not a toddler anymore. So I want to add a bit of challenge here. When you feel the need to go, I want you to give me a signal to start my stopwatch. After that signal you’ll have to hold your signal for 10 full minutes before you can go to the toilet. This way we’ll train you to notice when you need to go and to hold it a bit longer so you don’t pee on yourself.

Ashley: How original. Fine. I’ll do it. Now give me my phone.

Casey: Hold up! I will give you your phone once you’ve proven you’re committed to your potty training. Otherwise what’s the point?

Ashley: So let me guess, I should start drinking now so I can be done as soon as possible? You guys are so predictable with your little games.

I sighed.

Ashley: Alright. What’s the damn signal? Let’s get it over with.

Casey: We’ll give you something appropriate for you behavior: Your thumb.

I want you to put your thumb in your mouth when you have to go.

Ashley: You want me to suck on my thumb… for ten whole minutes?!

Casey: Exactly. And no talking. If you speak or take your thumb out, you lose. I want you to be focused on your training, not anything else. Then you can go potty like a big girl and you’ll get your big girl phone back.

Ashley: I can smell something fishy here…

Casey: Aw, you went in your Pull-Up already?

Ashley: Very funny. Well, do I have a choice here?

What was I saying? I never had one.

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Wet American Summer (Chapter 28)

There is also an AUDIOBOOK version of Wet American Summer!
The first SIX chapters are already out on
By becoming a Patron you’ll be able to read chapter 29 NOW + all the other stories that come out 12 times a month.

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Now back to our story!

Chapter 28

I got out of the shower feeling brand new. As if I had just washed away a week’s worth of filth, psychological humiliation and physical degradation. I just knew I was done with it.

I peed in the toilet. I’m not sure you can understand that feeling. Have you ever felt the sheer joy of urinating in the designated place? I have. It was god damn blissful. I couldn’t help but throw imaginary middle fingers up at anyone who wanted to catch me slipping.

‘‘Ain’t peeing my pants this time, bitches. Look at me on the potty like a big girl! I won’t even need to go later, what you gon’ do now?’‘

I have to admit I was going a little mad. But it was almost over.

After today, James would pick me up, break up with that bitch Casey and we would ride off in the sunset together… or, you know, whatever the sun’s position would be at the time.

A sunset would’ve been nice, but at that point I would’ve taken anything, rain or fucking sleet.

Frankie had been somewhat dealt with. I doubted she’d try any more blackmail with her mother watching her that closely, especially since she was now most likely clad in a Goodnite at that exact moment, too busy hating every minute of it.

Casey was a wild card however. James had told me he would break up with her the night before, yet she claimed she hadn’t seen him and frankly I don’t think she would’ve shown up to ‘’babysit’’ me at my aunt’s demand after such a sudden separation.

I could only hope James would grow the balls to talk to her as soon as possible so I could get her off my back. I needed to make sure he would act before I truly lost my mind.

I came out of the bathroom, my towel wrapped around me and quickly crossed the hallway. What was the hurry, you ask? I know, I had just walked the house in a full-on nighttime diaper, but what can I say, I’m a modest person.

When I entered my bedroom, my bed was made, which wasn’t the case when I had left it with Casey earlier. She had been in such a rush to drag me upstairs, but why would she make my bed now? She had also picked my clothes out for me, which consisted of a pair of jean overalls. The classic childish attire, why would I be surprised?

One detail surprised me though: there wasn’t a diaper laying next to it. Not even a pair of Goodnites. As a matter of fact, no underwear had been selected for me.

I paused for a second, my eyes scanning the room. What else had changed? My cellphone. It wasn’t at it’s usual spot on my nightstand. As a matter of fact it was nowhere to be seen!

I looked around, slightly panicking. What if James tried to communicate with me? I hadn’t picked up my messages when Casey woke me up  Or what if I wanted to text him? Warn him that his soon-to-be ex girlfriend was currently at my family’s cottage, getting paid by my aunt to watch over me!

This couldn’t be any good. if, god forbid, James decided to break up with Casey over the phone… I would be a first hand witness and most likely reap the fruits of her anger.

I started searching through my stuff, for the device until I was on all fours, looking under the bed. There was nothing there.

Casey: Is this what you’re looking for?

I heard Casey’s voice from behind me as I was crawling on the carpet, then turned around to claim my phone back.

She wasn’t holding my cellphone though. She was dangling a pair of Disney Princess Pull-Ups. The same pair I had stolen from the kids’ room when I was planning to escape and wasn’t confident enough to go through an 8 hour drive without protection for my recent bed wetting relapse.

Casey: I found those under there when I was cleaning up your room a bit. I thought they looked SO adorable! Are those the ones you get to wear in the day time sweetheart? With the princesses? I babysat little girls with the same exact ones! I mean… they wore those to bed only, but everybody grows at their own pace.

Ashley: Where’s my phone Casey?

I had enough of her bullshit. I didn’t even feel embarrassed anymore.

Casey: But really though, why were you hiding these pink Pull-Ups under your bed?! I’m starting to think you really do get some kind of twisted pleasure out of this!

I blushed a little bit as I realized I did in fact steal a pair of training panties from a child’s package with the firm intention of putting it on before leaving. But there wasn’t any context here! All I had left was the bulky diapers I was now forced to wear at night! A simple Goodnite would’ve given me peace of mind on the bus home, but Frankie had stolen all of them. All I wanted was to make sure I wouldn’t wet myself in my sleep in front of everyone. Of course, I couldn’t admit that to Casey, so I had to settle for something a little less convincing.

Ashley: These… Aren’t mine. I don’t know why they were there, I usually wear Goodnites, you saw them yesterday! These are not mine!

My loss for words, repetition and nervousness all betrayed my lie. I knew Casey wasn’t buying it. My self-confidence was quickly weakening as I tried to come up a better excuse for these hidden training panties.

Casey: Well I guess they are now! Oh, except if you wanted to put another full diaper on? I was looking for these so-called Goodnites of yours, but it appears you no longer have them. Went through all of them quickly, maybe?

Ashley: Frankie has them now.

The little brat. I was hoping they kept her in them for the rest of the summer. Although I knew that Nancy wouldn’t bother buying a new package when that one would be empty… and to be honest, I was almost hoping there would be some left for me because I did not intend on going back to the store for a new one… and even though I hadn’t peed the bed the previous night, I was still uncertain about the future.

Casey: Right. If Frankie has them, what’s left for you?

Ashley: I can just… wear nothing under there. I don’t care, but I’m not putting a diaper back on.

Casey: Oh you are NOT going commando, missy. I was given specific instructions and I’m not risking you making a mess in your overalls.

It angered me that I was still treated like an accident prone toddler, but Casey convinced me with a final argument.

Casey: You want your phone… don’t you?

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Wet American Summer (Part 27)

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My spoon found its way into my mouth for the first time since I had sat down at the kitchen table. I was too busy looking around to feed myself, nervous that someone might walk in.

Casey was sitting on the other side, calm as ever. She didn’t seem to particularly enjoy my misery, which was a nice change of pace, although she was immensely curious about the whole thing.

Casey: Isn’t this strange? I mean, no offense I get that you need them, but I could never imagine myself wearing… diapers, at our age.

I swallowed another bite in silence.

Casey: Do you even remember what normal panties feel like? The thin fabric between your legs… not the thick bulky padding of that diaper… and, you know, whatever you fill it up with.

Ashley: I’ve been here for a week Casey, I think I can remember what panties feel like.

Casey: Right, but you wore Pull-Ups before that, didn’t you? That still counts as a diaper in my book.

Ashley : It was only at night… and that was a few years ago!

Casey: I don’t get it though… didn’t your mother teach you how to use the potty by now? How come a 19 year old still have bladder control problems. Are you sick or something?

Ashley: I am NOT sick. I’m telling you, I was completely… potty trained… before I got here.

God I hated the way I said it. “Potty trained” like I should even justify my toilet training. I never had a single accident in almost 2 years now. Before coming to that place. Then again, I was now sitting down at the kitchen table, it was almost the middle of the day and I was wearing a full-on adult diaper as if I was incontinent. Not my finest hour.

Ashley: The point is… I didn’t need it before… and I still don’t now! I woke up dry, didn’t I?

Casey: Did you ever go… you know, number 2… in them?

I almost choked on my cereal. Couldn’t she couldn’t hear a word of what I was saying.

Ashley: Excuse me?!

Casey: Come on Ash, were just the two of us, you can tell me. I promise, I won’t judge! I’m just asking cause, you know, I’m kinda paid to watch over you… not that I mind, but… I’m wondering what I’m in for here…

Ashley: Don’t worry about me. I’m gonna be fine.

Casey: I’m just thinking if I’m gonna have to change you…

Ashley: You will NOT have to change me. And I never did…. that. For fucks sake, that’s disgusting Casey.

Casey: Aw don’t take it like that, you’re so defensive, look at you! I’m on your side Ash, okay?

At that moment, I heard a click followed by the patio door sliding open on the other side of the kitchen. My heart rate doubled instantly I suddenly became extremely self-conscious about my predicament.

Pressing my thighs against one another, feeling the plastic-coated fabric between my legs. The table above was the only thing partially hiding my babyish undergarment. I pulled my chair closer and leaned over my cereal, which were soaked in milk by now. I heard voices chatting merrily as they came in. It was Nancy and Joyce.

Joyce: Oh there you are Ashley, we missed you this morning sleepyhead! Oh, I see you invited a friend over, how nice! I’m Joyce, Ashley’s cousin and this is my older sister, Nancy.

Nancy: We met briefly yesterday. I’m Frankie’s mother. It’s unfortunate we had to meet in these circumstances, but I’m glad you’re here.

Joyce: Really, what happened? No one ever tells me anything…

Casey: It’s my pleasure, honestly, I’m happy to help out in any way I can.

Nancy: How are you holding up Ash? I hope our mom wasn’t too hard on you. This whole thing will be over soon.

Her eyes met mine in an awkward encounter, as if she could see my padded bum right through that table. I shifted my legs, trying the best I could to minimize the crinkling plastic noise it produced.

Ashley: It’s… I’m okay, Nance. Thank you.

Nancy: After what happened I don’t think Frankie will do any more mischief. I will see to it.

Joyce : Can someone tell me what’s going on?

Nancy: Not now, Joyce. Let’s get you that beer you so desperately wanted. It was nice to meet you…

Casey: Casey! And the pleasure is all mine. I better get back to my little friend who’s not eating anything! Come on Ash, we got a full day ahead of us. Here let me help.

She grabbed my spoon and began to scoop some of my mushy cereal, much to my dismay.

Casey: Here comes the plane, say ahh!

I reluctantly opened my mouth as she landed that spoon into it. Nancy gave me the strangest look. I swallowed a second bite, hoping my cousins would leave before Casey attracted anymore attention to my childish predicament.

Casey: There you go!

Joyce : Well she certainly is dedicated…

When my two cousins walked past me, Nancy’s gaze lingered and I couldn’t tell for sure if she was surprised or simply curious. Casey kept feeding me, though and I absentmindedly gave in, since saving face was apparently no longer an option.

As soon as they stepped out of the door though, I pushed Casey’s hand away, making her drop the spoon, spilling its contents all over the table.

Ashley: What is wrong with you?!

Casey: Me?! No, what’s the matter with YOU? I’m just trying to speed things up here. It’s nice out and it’s past noon… I don’t want to spend all day inside!

Ashley: You know exactly what you were doing…

Casey: Gee Ash, calm down for a sec… you look like a frightened little girl!

She stared at me for a second, I was no longer touching my breakfast. I looked around to make sure we were alone and I quickly got back on my feet with the firm intention of bolting downstairs as soon as I could.

Casey: …Or maybe you are a frightened little girl. Did you pee your pants?

She taunted me playfully, but I wasn’t in the mood. I took my bowl and headed towards the sink. I jumped when Casey grabbed me by the hand.

Casey: No, seriously. Why are you leaving so quickly, got something to hide? Did you go potty in your diaper, Ashley? Because you sure look like you did. Don’t lie to auntie Casey!

Ashley: I didn’t! How many times do I have to spell it out for you? I. don’t. need. diapers. okay? Let me go!

Casey: Then you don’t mind if I have a quick peek, do you?

Ashley: Yes I do! You let go of me right the fuck now!

I yanked my arm away, furious. That was it. I drew the line and for once in my life I decided it was enough. I was done being a victim.

Casey: Fine. Have it your way then. If you want to walk around in a wet diaper all day, then suit yourself.

Ashley: It is NOT wet. And I will not use it, okay? Get it through your thick skull.

Casey: Oh but you will. One way or another you will end up peeing yourself. I know it and you know it. Your whole family knows it. Why else would you be in a diaper in the first place? This is a game you don’t get to win Ashley. I was willing to be your friend because I know it’s probably not easy to you right now, but it doesn’t seem like you want a friend.

Ashley: Not like you, I’d rather not. You can try to play babysitter all you want, I’m not playing the baby anymore. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go take this goddamn thing off before I murder someone.

I walked away from her, my exposed diapered butt sounding less crinkly than usual, perhaps covered by the imaginary standing ovation roaring in my head.

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Wet American Summer (Part 26)

Next  chapter available on Patreon!

Part 26

Frankie: Oh Ashleeeeey…

I was in my room, alone. No sign of James. How long had he been gone? I must’ve passed out. I wanted to see him, to be with him. Where was he now?

Frankie: Ashleeeey…

I heard her voice but I couldn’t see her until my door creaked open. She had her devilish smile on, the one I wasn’t expecting to see for quite a bit after the punishment she had just received.

Ashley: What are you doing here Frankie?

Frankie: Is little baby Ashley wet? Hmm? Did she go pee-pee in her diapee?

Ashley:  Go away! Aren’t you supposed to be wearing one yourself? Go put on your Pull-Ups and leave me alone.

Frankie: Yes, I think baby Ashley has a wet diaper on! Let’s see.

It was as if she couldn’t hear what I was saying, baby-talking at me. Or perhaps she was simply ignoring my protests. At that moment I realized the diaper I was wearing was indeed wet. How did I not notice that earlier? When did I start peeing myself?

I had a vague memory of uncontrollably soaking my diaper when Sally spanked me, but that was long ago… and James changed me, didn’t he? Did I really pee myself again overnight? Maybe Frankie was right, perhaps I was becoming a baby…

Now my eyes filled up with tears. No. No no no. I wouldn’t succumb to it. Not this time.

Frankie: Pew! It stinks in here. I think this little baby has a full diaper, doesn’t she?

Ashley: What are you talking about?! I would NEVER… I would…

I froze for a second before reaching down to my butt. I felt it. There was a lump in there. I couldn’t smell anything, but there it was, lying in the back of my diaper. A proof of what I had done.

I panicked. How was that possible? Was I losing control? Shitting myself and I didn’t even feel anything.

Frankie: Hmm, I think that’s a dirty diaper you’ve got here baby. Let’s get you changed.

And just like that, without any noticeable effort, she lifted me up as if I was an infant. How?! That’s when I realized… Frankie was way taller than me. I was the size of an actual toddler… and the diaper I was wearing, it wasn’t the one James had put me in the night before. I was in an Elmo printed Pampers that I had just messed myself in.

My vision was distorted, I was lying down on my back on a giant changing mat, trying to wrestle free, screaming.

Ashley: I didn’t! I didn’t poop in my diaper!

‘’Well, that’s not suspicious at all…’‘

At the sound of that voice, I opened my eyes and realized I wasn’t in a giant nursery, wearing messy Pampers, but still in my room, in my ‘adult’ diaper, covered in sweat. It was a bad dream, that’s all it was…Then I looked over at who spoke and saw…

Ashley: Casey?! What are you doing here?

Casey: Your aunt called me this morning… asked me if I was interested in making some extra money babysitting.

Ashley: But… why? I can take care of the kids just fine, I’ve been doing it for years.

Casey: Oh honey, she asked me to babysit you! Apparently you’ve been acting up lately and should require some supervision. Don’t worry, I’ll be a cool babysitter, this way we can hang out and I’ll get paid for it!

Ashley: This doesn’t make sense…

Then I remembered my conversation with James the day before. He offered me to come and stay with him for the rest of the summer. He just asked for one more day so he could break up with Casey…

Ashley : Did … you … talk to James last night?

Casey: Hmm? Oh… no after your little outburst at the bar I went home to my dad’s. I’m gonna see James later though… why would you ask that?

Ashley: Just…

Casey : So did you?

Ashley: Did I… what?

Casey: Poop your diaper, silly! You were mumbling that when I came in.

Ashley : Huh? No! Of course not! I… listen, I know we had our differences, but don’t you see this is complete madness? I don’t need to wear diapers!

Casey: You keep saying that, yet yesterday I saw you in a pair of wet Pull-Ups and from what your aunt has been telling me, it wasn’t the first time in the last few days. Now, I’ve been hired to do a job and I’m gonna do it. First order of business is to check your diaper so lift your butt up and you better pray you haven’t actually crapped yourself cause I’m not changing that, it’s fucking disgusting.

Humiliated, I did as I was told in order to bide my time and get it over with. I was on all fours on my bed, looking like a little puppy as Casey tugged at the back of my diaper to peek at my bum.

Casey: Well, would you look at that! You seem dry enough.

Ashley: Why are you so surprised?

Casey: Come, let’s have breakfast now, we’re late enough as it is.

She pulled my door open and gestured towards it, expecting me to follow her lead.

Ashley: If you think I’m going out there in a diaper…

Casey: What, were you waiting for me to change you? For that you’re gonna have to use it first. Did you have to go now?

Ashley: No… I’m not gonna… NO! Look I’m allowed to wear Pull-Ups in the day.

Casey: Not after what you did yesterday, you can’t! Besides, I think it’s for the best… You seemed to be having too many accidents in those. There’s only so many chances one can get at potty training. I think you use them all… along with your training panties that is.

I was at a loss for words. Had I really sunk that low? To be diapered full time like a baby.

Ashley: But… then… how do you expect me to go to the bathroom wearing this? I can’t even slip it up and down!

Casey: Frankly, I don’t think anyone is expecting you to use a real toilet anyway. But if it makes you feel better… I can take you to the potty after brunch, if you can stay dry until then.

Ashley: Can’t I at least put on some pants first?

Casey: There’s no one up there anyway silly! They all left, you woke up late… Come on, enough time wasted! Get your butt up there now! Or would you like me to go get your aunt?

Ashley: No! It’s fine… I’ll go.

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Wet American Summer (Part 25)

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Chapter 25

What a nightmare. I was wearing a wet diaper under a pair of children’s PJs that could barely hide it and now James had showed up out of nowhere, catching me in the middle of my ‘’Get the fuck out’’ phase. This whole thing seemed rigged against me.

Ashley: What do you want James?!

James: I came to see you, I had to say… I’m sorry. For everything that happened, I’m sorry I ran away.

Ashley: Oh save it.

James : I truly am, Ash. When that woman came at me and started yelling, I panicked I… I should’ve said something, I’m sorry for what happened to Frankie…

Ashley : To Frankie?! You’re sorry for her, are you fucking stupid? You have no idea what you’re talking about James. You have no idea what I’ve been going through in the past few days. This whole thing is Frankie’s fault and…

And there I was, sobbing again. Jesus I was such a baby. James put his arms around me and held me.

James: Shh… It’s okay, I’m here. Tell me how I can help!

I sniffled and looked at him. He seemed sincere and however stupid and shallow he had been, I always had a soft spot for him.

Ashley: I want to get out of here.

James: Then what are we waiting for? Come with me, let’s get out of here. I’ve got my own apartment… Casey’s coming over later but I don’t care, you can crash on the couch.

He walked over to the window, ready to climb back up, but I grabbed his arm to stop him.

Ashley: Wait… I can’t, I don’t want to go out there… not like this.
James: What do you mean?

Ashley: I…

At this point, why not tell him. He had seen me wearing Goodnites already, apparently he even knew I wet the bed all along. So fuck it. I gathered my courage, but still couldn’t bring myself to look at him, so I stared at my feet and admitted the truth.

Ashley: My diaper is wet.

James: Oh…

There was an awkward silence that, to me, seemed like hours. Until I finally looked up and saw the genuine empathy in his eyes. It wasn’t discomfort or mockery.

James: That’s okay. I… I can help with that, too. If… you want.

I didn’t say anything. Was he… offering to change me?

Ashley: Okay.

The word slipped out of my mouth in a whisper. He nodded and stepped forward, his hands on my hips. He tucked his fingers into my pajama pants and peeled them off, letting them drop to my ankles.

My thick white diaper was now exposed, but he didn’t flinch. Not even at the word ‘’baby’’ printed across the waistband. He gently guided me to sit on my bed, then lie on my back.

I had to close my eyes when he untapped the sides, making the crinkly garment come off. I didn’t want to see him when he would notice how soaked it was. But he didn’t say anything so I peeked through and saw him looking around, in search of my supplies.

Ashley: Just pick any drawer honestly…

He grinned, opening up the first one and picked up the wipes.

When he started cleaning my private parts, I felt a tingling between my legs. Almost as if I was… aroused. Fortunately, James didn’t seem to notice through the wipe, or if he did he was good at hiding it.

I scanned his face as he meticulously wiped my bum. It felt very awkward at first, but he didn’t show any sign of disgust, he took it seriously… and he was good at it.

He picked up one of the folded diapers stuffed in the drawer.

James: Should I…?

My eyes were now wide, lying on my bed with a wet diaper opened up between my legs. I looked at James as he lifted up that babyish garment and there was no malice in his eyes, no judgement.

I nodded slowly in silence. What could I say? I couldn’t possibly argue I didn’t need it at this point. It felt like the natural thing to do.

For a second, I thought of the pink training panties I had hidden under my bed, but James had seen my soaked diaper, what could I tell him?

‘’No I want to wear princess Pull-Ups!’’

Somehow it would’ve made me look even more childish then getting my diaper changed, so I let him do it.

He grabbed my two ankles with one hand and lifted up my legs. Then he removed the wet diaper and slid the new one under my butt, which was still very red from the spanking I had just received. He didn’t say anything about the bruises.

It was good to feel the dry padding on my bottom compared to the icky, clammy touch of a wet diaper.

When James laid my legs down on each side of the unfolded diaper, our eyes met for the first time since he had come to see me.

Even though he towered over me, standing up as I lied on my back. Even though he was putting me in a damn diaper and I should’ve been embarrassed, I felt a connection between us. His hands were soft, his eyes were gentle.

When he leaned in closer to fold the diaper up, I put my hand on his shoulder. James looked up at me, he could feel it too. He climbed up over me and slowly approached his face to mine. We kissed.

It was a long, soft kiss. Our lips moved in a slow dance as only the tips of our tongues crossed our mouths to meet in the middle and caress each other.
It felt fuzzy and warm and the tingling between my legs intensified. Fortunately he had closed the front part of my diaper before climbing on top of me, but he somehow seemed to take notice, if only instinctively as he backed away from my face with a smile.

James: Careful now, you’re gonna wet that diaper already?

That brought me back to Earth and I playfully tried to push him away, by pressing on his chest, but to no avail.

James: I’m sorry, too soon?

Ashley : Yes, too soon! Oh my God James… I’m wearing diapers! I’m such a baby… and… and you’re changing me too!  What is wrong with me?

James: Nothing is wrong with you Ash. Hey… you don’t have to be ashamed, okay? There’s nothing to it. It’s just a bit of pee, who cares? This doesn’t define who you are. And I like you… for who you are.

Ashley: Wait… what about Casey? She’s your girlfriend.

James: I’ve seen how she acted towards you today and frankly it’s been a while since I realized we’re not meant to be together. I want to be with you Ashley.

Casey’s coming over to my place tonight, I’m gonna tell her it’s over. Then you can come and stay with me for the summer! You won’t have to be here.

Ashley: But I want to leave now! You don’t know my family, James. I mean… my cousins aren’t so bad, but my aunt, she’s crazy! Why can’t I go with you now?

James: I wish you could Ash, I truly do… But I need to talk to her face to face, I have to do this right, then there won’t be anything between us. Can you just stay here one more night? Tomorrow Casey will be gone with her stuff and you can move in with me, okay?

Ashley: I guess… One more night…


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I know you always had little accidents every…

I know you always had little accidents every now and then and that’s why we needed to deal with them, but ever since I finally decided to buy you a pack of Pull-Ups to make sure you don’t piss all over your pants it’s like you’re not even trying anymore. It has gone from bad to worse. What used to be a night time problem is now a major issue… like of course I would start bringing a pair of Pull-Ups in my purse after you embarrassed both of us by pissing yourself at the restaurant. I just wasn’t expecting you to start needing it so often.

Now we can’t go out anywhere without putting you in a pair of fucking training pants, do you realize that?

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Wet American Summer (Part 24)

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Part 24

I couldn’t believe it. Where did that brat hide my suitcase?! I flipped out, rummaging through the drawers only to find them full of diapers. Fucking diapers. Even the Goodnites were missing, not that they would’ve been of any help in this situation.

I shouldn’t have put all my stuff in the same place, that was my mistake. All that brat had to do was pick it up and hide it somewhere. Now I was waddling my shiny red and very wet diapered butt through the halls of this house, trying to figure out what to do.

Frankie’s door was locked, as expected, so my only chance to find some adult clothes to cover myself up would be to sneak in one of my cousins’ room and to borrow a pair of pants for the ride back to the city. It wasn’t ideal, but it had to do.

I carefully climbed the stairs back up when suddenly I heard the front door bust open once again. Shit. Was that old freak back already?!

Joyce: Let me tell you one thing, these shows are always lame. Every year everybody goes to see them just because it’s the only attraction in this small town, but they forget how much they suck. Here at least we have the whole place to ourselves, we can have a little drink while my mom and sister watch the kids.

Was she fucking serious? Now Joyce and her dumb husband -I had already forgotten his name – were hogging the living room. I instinctively backed down a few steps. How would I walk past them? As soon as I’d go up they would surely see me in my wet diaper… Good luck getting those pants after that.

I could always change my diaper before going up… but that was beside the point. Wearing a dry diaper wouldn’t make any difference for me, other then being a bit less embarrassed.

I needed to think fast… I turned around to face my options. There wasn’t anything leftin my room besides diapers and changing supplies. Frankie’s room was locked and I couldn’t bust the door open withtout making noise. There was only one place left : the kids room.

Unenthusiastically, I pushed open the door of the large room. There was two sets of bunk beds next to each other, facing two closets but I couldn’t remember who slept where, so I got to the first one and searched through it for anything remotely close to my size.

I flinched at the sight of pink Pull-Ups stacked on the first shelf. Of course, they were there because aunt Sally insisted they all wore protection at night, but to me they only brought more attention to the fact that these children were now more potty-trained then I was. As I looked at their trainers, wearing a very wet diaper.

I picked one of them up to get a closer look. It had a Disney princess on it, not sure which one it was. I felt embarrassed, as if what I was doing was forbidden. As if I hadn’t earned my right to training pants yet, when of course, I had actually lost it.

My diaper only felt heavier and, without really knowing why, I unfolded the Pull-Up, stretching its elastic sides apart.
‘‘I could probably fit in this, I caught myself thinking. They might be designed for toddlers, but they’re not so small and I’m not so big…’‘

Why was I even considering this? Why was I not putting this silly pair of Huggies trainers aside to look for actual pants?

Of course I knew why, even if I didn’t want to admit it. Once I found something that could fit me in here, what would be the plan? I’d probably go upstairs, get past the two drunks in the living room, pretend to go in the bathroom or some other excuse only to steal more mature clothing for the bus ride.

But… what would I wear underneath those pants? Certainly not the soaked diaper I had on at the moment, so what else? I wasn’t about to put on a new diaper and my Goodnites were nowhere to be found. I could go commando, like in the morning. But how could I be sure I wouldn’t have an accident on the bus? What if I fell asleep?

I was starting to doubt my own ability to stay dry and rightfully so. Truth be told all this stress had been affecting me and while I was forced to pee myself on several occasions, I had to admit that I did not have the best nighttime track record either.

Spending the whole night outside, waiting for the bus and then a few hours of riding it back to the city… I wasn’t 100% confident I could make it. Those pink Pull-Ups might’ve been childish and humiliating, but it was better the bulge and crinkling of my night diapers.

It was certainly better then peeing my pants in a bus full of people. With that in mind, I held on to the Pull-Up as I continued my research for pants.

After flipping through folded clothes on a few shelves I finally found a pair of light blue pajamas that seemed big enough to fit me. Judging by the size, they must’ve been Ryan’s who was Joyce’s eldest son. They would most likely be too small, but I couldn’t go back home in these kids PJs anyways. This was temporary and only so I could find myself a better outfit in Nancy’s closet.

In a hurry, I closed the door behind me and ran to my own bedroom to change out of this damp diaper, at last.


That noise took me by surprise. Where did it come from?


It came from my window, a muffled voice was calling for me. I peeked through the curtains and saw James, crouching down. He saw me. Shit.
James: Ashley, it’s me! I’m coming in.

Ashley : No!

James: Please, I just want to talk, it won’t be long I promise.

Ashley: I… alright, you can… come in… just let me…

I looked around nervously and immediately threw the pink Pull-Up under my bed as I heard him open up the window.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I picked up the pajama pants and quickly stepped through the holes. I slid the pants up my legs but they got stuck around my butt, because of my diaper’s thickness.

Fuuuuck. I saw his legs go through the opening as he sat on the ledge, to jump down in the basement.

I was struggling, but after loosening the cord that went through the waistband I was finally able to force it around the padding. It was tight and a bit uncomfortable, but it was the best I could do.
I turned around. James looked surprised, staring at me in silence for a second.

James: So… what were you up to?

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Sabrina’s Diapered Halloween (Part 3)

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Part 3

Velma: Yup. She peed in her Pull-Ups. What a surprise.

Sabrina: Look, I know what it looks like, but…

Ms. P: Oh it’s okay honey, you don’t need to justify yourself, it happens to all little girls.

Sabrina: I’m NOT a little girl!

Ms. P: Of course not, you’re a big girl, but even big girls have accidents sometimes. That’s what the Pull-Ups are for, just in case. Come with me, let’s get you changed, okay sweetie?

Sabrina: I… no… I don’t…. ugh. Fine, I guess…

What else was she to do? At this point Sabrina was wearing a wet pair of Huggies Pull-Ups and they were getting uncomfortable. Might as well put on a new one on. It probably didn’t help her case as Ms. Patterson, the daycare manager, believed her to be an actual child. Changing her out of her wet training pants would only add to that belief, but at least Sabrina would be dry.The 20 year old ventured further into the nursery. Her overall jean skirt was still tucked up so her pink and white Pull-Up was in full view, showcasing Cinderella and an empty circle that used to display a glass slipper, but had faded out when Sabrina’s friend, Emily had slipped a few ice cubes into it. Now it looked like Sabrina had peed herself, just the intended purpose for those padded training panties. A light squishing sound accompanied the crinkling her Pull-Ups made when her thighs brushed against it.

Velma: If you don’t need me I’m gonna head back upstairs.

Ms. P: The bathroom is over here sweetheart. Do you need any help to put it on? Sabrina: I’m good. It wasn’t really an accident you know.

Ms. P: I’m sure it wasn’t sweetie. It doesn’t look like you tinkled much. Just a few drops, you must’ve been excited by the party, that’s all.

Sabrina: No… I mean it was Emily…

Ms. P: Yes, yes. She should’ve sent you here sooner, it’s getting late for you isn’t it? Maybe you could’ve gone to the potty on time. Oh well, serves no purpose to cry over spilled milk. Here you go.

The older woman handed a folded Pull-Up straight from the package to Sabrina. She picked it up reluctantely and looked at it. That one was purple and white and had a clock under the princess as the wetness indicator. Sabrina felt the padding of the disposable training diaper with her fingers. The thickness, the babyish rustling when she grabbed it.

Sabrina: No.

Ms. P: What’s this sweetie?

Sabrina: I’m not putting these on. I’ll just take mine off and I’m heading back upstairs to find my friend. This is getting ridiculous.

Ms. P: Careful now missy. You sound like you’re getting a bit cranky there.

Sabrina: And YOU sound like you’re too stupid to understand I’m an adult!

Ms. P: What did you call me young lady?

Sabrina: I said… you’re fucking stupid and…

It took only a second for the much taller and stronger Ms. Patterson to have Sabrina bent over her desk. She started smacking her padded bottom several times before sliding the damp Pull-Up down to her knees and spanking her again.

Sabrina never saw it coming. She was shocked to find herself getting spanked ruthlessly, her bum was now hurting and turning a shade of dark pink.

Ms. P: You will learn to respect your elders little miss.


Towards the end, the initial surprised turned into a genuine feeling of helplessness and Sabrina instinctively began to cry from the pain and the humiliation. Another feeling, from her bladder this time, was catching up with her.

Sabrina: Please!! Stop!! Ow! I… I have to pee!!

SMACK SMACKMs. P: Is that so… very well.She simply slid the Pull-Up back up to the young woman’s crotch and kept hitting her behind furioulsy.

The pressure on her bladder from being bent over the desk and the swats on her buttocks accompanied by the damp feeling on her private parts did not mix well. It took only a few more slaps before poor Sabrina could no longer hold it.

Her pee began to flood the front padding of her training pants, then she felt it spreading across her crotch and her butt became very wet. The whole underwear was bloated and began to sag. Now she truly felt like a toddler in a soaked diaper. She cried even more.

Unfortunately for young woman, it didn’t stop there. The trainers were made for young children and were not able to hold an adult’s full blown accident. So after a moment, they began to leak and Sabrina felt the stream down her thighs and reaching her knee-high socks. She surely did not look like a 20 year old at that moment.

Ms. P: Look what you’ve done now… and you said you don’t want to wear Pull-Ups huh? I can understand why not. Maybe you’re not ready for Pull-Ups yet, are you? Anyhow it’s getting past your bedtime so we’ll put you in something more appropriate for night night.

Sabrina: Please… please.She was sobbing, but she had no choice but to do as the daycare manager asked. Unless she wanted to go back up in her soaked training pants and piss-stained socks.Ms. P: Hush now, it’s okay. I’ve seen this happen more then you can imagine. Here…

She helped Sabrina lie down on the desk where she had been spanked, then she teared apart the Pull-Up sides and threw it out. She cleaned the half-naked and fully embarrassed girl with baby wipes before producing a new garment from the drawer.

It was a diaper. A Pampers baby diaper.

The young woman kept sobbing the whole time she was getting powdered up, feeling powerless. When the tabs were finally closed and she had her diaper on, Ms. Patterson allowed her to get back on her feet. Only then did she stop crying. Ms. P: There. Isn’t it better? All dry now and ready for bed.

Without a warning, Sabrina started running.

She ran out of the daycare as fast as she could. She took a left and entered the first door to a staircase she could find. She climbed up the steps in a hury, not even waiting for a breather when she reached the next floor.

The room she was in was all dark and she was alone. She could hear the party on the other side of the wall so she followed the voices and ran into a dozen of people in very elaborate costumes, all in a single file, waiting in silence.

She finally stopped to catch her breath and was harldy able to talk after such a run.

Sabrina: Where… is… Emily? I… need… Emily…

Everyone was looking at her, confused. She was about to explain when she heard the staircase door opening. She panicked and got further toward the front.

Costumed man: Hey, wait your turn!

She didn’t listen as she quickly outstripped the group and head out the only exit she could find.Presenter : And now… our next candidate!

Sabrina realized she was on a stage. Everyone was gathered around it, looking at her.

Presenter : Hum… oh, new candidate, okay! Here is… BABYGIRL!

The crowd started cheering as Sabrina looked around, desperate. She noticed her Pampers were in full view as she hadn’t pulled her skit back down in the commotion. Presenter : Very good costume! This is very original. As we can imagine, this young woman must’ve been a baby in the year 2000, so she took the theme to heart.

The man, dressed as Marilyn Manson, came over to her and presented her with the microphone.

Presenter : What’s your name baby girl?

Sabrina: I’m… Sab… Sabrina.

Presenter: Very well Sabrina, and now the question everyone has on their mind… is that a real diaper?

Ms. P: Yes it is.

The woman had appeared from behind them out of nowhere and grabbed the microphone.

Ms. P: Good evening everyone, I’m sorry to interrupt your nice party, but little Sabby here was just about to say her beddy-byes. You see she was in the daycare with me tonight. She’s just a bit embarrassed because she’s had an accident in her Pull-Ups and they started leaking everywhere, but that’s okay, isn’t honey? We got you all nice and dry in your Pampers now and ready to go night-night.

Presenter : Wonderful! Good presentaton. This is so clever, I love it! Go on!

Ms. P: Alright, everyone say ‘bye bye Sabby’

The crowd cheered and repeated after her, followed by hysterical laughter. Sabrina even saw her friend Emily laughing with the others in the front row.Bye Bye Sabby.

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Sabrina’s Diapered Halloween (Part 2)

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