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Some girls say getting called baby is cute but…

Some girls say getting called baby is cute but they think wearing diapers and pacifiers is weird make up your mind are you a baby or not

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I don’t need those daddy, I’m a big girl look!…

I don’t need those daddy, I’m a big girl look!

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@sunshine–babydoll : I don’t care if I…

@sunshine–babydoll : I don’t care if I had an accident or not, I don’t want you checking my diaper when were with our friends, it embarrasses me!

Besides, even if I do need a change, these diapers can take a few accidents.

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‘’See Daddy, I don’t really need diapers&helli…

‘’See Daddy, I don’t really need diapers…’’
Watch @sunshine–babydoll change from Pull-Up to diaper as she realizes she needs them in her latest video on Patreon.


So Excited I Peed My Pants 🙈

Well technically my diaper 😝

I’ve been a bouncy baby boy all day cause I’ve been trying to hold my pee as long as possible 😳

When I saw how much my selfies blew up, I couldn’t contain my excitement 🙈 I’m happy, soaked and a little turned on 😅

‘’What is it you are wearing under that skirt,…

‘’What is it you are wearing under that skirt, Ms. Williams? Lift it up for me please.’’

With increasing embarrassment, Emma lifted the front of her skirt with both hands, her tights still hanging around her knees, as she showed off her the pink Pull-Ups she was wearing under her uniform.

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Watch the full 11 minutes clip HERE

Watch the full 11 minutes clip HERE

@sunshine–babydoll noticed you looking at the diaper packs when she had to go to the bathroom at the store the other day. She’s on to you and she surprises you during your date by putting on a pair of pink Pull-Ups to see your reaction.

Daddy pro tip #10

Text your little randomly during the day to remind them how cute they are.

Daddy pro tip #9

For my diaper aficionados.

1. Before going on a date, ask them if they wants to wear a diaper like a little girl/boy, or a pull-up like a big girl/boy. 

2. Go out on a date publicly, get ice cream together, a trip to the planetarium or the aquarium. Anything that makes your little happy!

3. Pat their butt often, ask her if she needs a change.

4. If they say no, ask ‘’do I need to check?’’

5. Check them. Tug the waistband of their pull-up or diaper, inspect them and tell them they’re a good girl/boy for not having an accident. Make sure you do this privately.

6. a)If he had an accident in his diaper, change him in a family changing room. Little boys in diapers are expected to have accidents. Make sure you don’t hold the spot for an actual family though, use your discretion.

b) If she had an accident in her Pull-Up though, it calls for a punishment, big girls shouldn’t be having accidents. Get her to write lines when you go home or give her a good spanking. Either put them in another Pull-Up if you brought a change, or wait till you get home and change her into a diaper.

7. Get them to buy their own diapers. It’s super embarrassing, but in reality cashiers don’t care what you buy (or do they?)

8. After buying them, have them carry the diapers around in a bag. People won’t know what it is, but your little will and it’ll be enough to make them blush.

9. Remind them of what they’re wearing.. ‘‘Baby, you’re still in diapers, do you really think you’re big enough for this?’‘ ‘‘Remember to tell me if you need to go potty sweetheart, we want to keep those Pull-Ups dry today’

10. Make sure wearing isn’t only associated with humiliation! It should also be fun and cute for your little too. Wearing can be a sign of submission, but also a way to make your little feel cared for and protected. Tell them how cute and precious they are when wearing. Appreciation for their kinks goes a long way!

Reminder to always ask for consent before engaging in play and to do so as privately as possible, even when playing with limits. 

The Dad look

Overrated or Underrated?