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imawaytoneverland: it’s a quiet loss that isn’t just romance,…


it’s a quiet loss that isn’t just romance, but… my daddy

my birthday is this monday, july 20th. this is unexpected. not the birthday presented i would like, to say the least. but at least i have support here.

i will not go into too many words. everything is moving in slow motion and i the first two videos i have done were complete crying messes where a single word could not be heard. this is the best i can do to express a loss that is so profound. if you have seen me blog – you know how long, the number of years – and the deterioration that has occurred in small words and fragments over the last few weeks. it is quietly done and now i am alone and i need… i need help.

to the ABDL world, i am sorry for having failed in a sense. but please not acceptance exists and i was always accepted. this failure is just on different terms. i love you all.

if you can help, as always:

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