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Jamie gets tied up, plugged, diapered as cha…

Jamie gets tied up, plugged, diapered as chastity, forced wetting and made to cum in his diapers as punishment for cheating on his wife! 
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Your sexy girlfriend Sablique has a fun day …

Your sexy girlfriend Sablique has a fun day planned for the both of you! She’s going to powder and pamper you up in a thick pink diaper but not before sliding a vibrating plug inside you, before closing your diaper up nice and TIGHT to hold in that plug. She feels your diaper, running her hands up and down the front so you can hear the crinkle. Let’s go! Diaper check in the car… not wet yet but let’s just turn on that vibrating plug for a second! Then it’s diaper checks at an outdoor cafe. Lean in close… oooh you’re a little wet & you didn’t tell her. You start wetting your diaper while she’s still got her hand on it! HOT!!! Later she pulls you into a bathroom, locks the door and makes you lie down. She opens up your diaper, straddles you and PEES INTO IT! Feel her pee flowing all over your balls & soaking into your already wet diaper. She closes you up! Then later, as your sitting down, she leans in for a diaper check & it’s soaking wet. it’s time to turn on that butt vibrator. It’s making your stiffy so hard and she starts rubbing you faster and faster until you make a nice sticky mess in your diaper!! So hot watching you cum in your diapers; what a perfect day with your diaper loving GF. Made for Diaper Lovers without any ageplay or regression aspects, by a real diaper pervert!  
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Why I can’t be in charge of anything…. …

Why I can’t be in charge of anything…. cuz all the boys would be diapered and I’d be diaper checking them constantly! 
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You mess your diaper in public while I have my…

You mess your diaper in public while I have my hand on the back of it! Super sexy MP3′s for diaper lovers only!! Download them now for cheap at iwantclips

2 very sexy and different AB/DL clips from Ken…

2 very sexy and different AB/DL clips from Kenna Valentina (yup! she’s back!) one where she is annoyed that you fell asleep and wet the couch so it’s diapers 24/7 for a whole week! 
Then in a DL only clip, you meet her at a bar, start making out & OMG she discovers you’re wearing diapers! she has a lot of questions & finds it hot… she even takes you to the bathroom, opens your diaper, straddles you & pees in it!!!

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MP3′s for Diaper Lovers Only!

I experimented and made an MP3 to listen to while you’re diapered in public.  I adjust your diapers… diaper check you in public… lets my hands linger on your diaper as I check it… it’s flirty and fun… and turns out to be very sexy as I keep rubbing your diaper until…. download it now & let me know if you have any new sexy DL ideas to record. 

VIDEOS FOR DIAPER LOVERS! Finally, there’s som…

Finally, there’s some videos for just DL’s without the AB aspects. I know there’s plenty of you out there! Here, Dr Caroline Pierce informs your mom that you must be diapered for your bedwetting & the wet diapers should be weighed and tracked in the morning. How embaressing! Then, a SEXY DL video where Caroline diaper checks you, not in a demeaning way but a “we got a sexy secret diaper boy” way! 
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Here’s some with me (Mommy Missy) aimed for DL…

Here’s some with me (Mommy Missy) aimed for DL’s WITHOUT the AB/BABY aspects of it. 
the first one has me checking your pullups in the morning & realized you had a full wetting & that you leaked on the bed. It’ll be diapers for you tonight. tomorrow I check you but you’ve got a little stiffy in there so I tell you you’ve got to take care of that before I change you. Then it’s a forced orgasm in diaper with the hitachi wand.
The 2nd one is that I have to diaper you at work because your productivity is too low at work cuz you’re jacking off & taking too many bathroom breaks in there. So I diaper you and then diaper check you a couple times during work hours.
The NEXT day, I put the diaper on you but you’ve got a boner so I tell you to cum in your diaper before the workday so you’re not distracted. You’re taking too long so I start rubbing over your diaper to make you cum cuz you need to get to work! 

Have you ever fantasized about wetting your pa…

Have you ever fantasized about wetting your pants in school & getting sent to the nurses office to get diapered??  She has to call your mommy & she tells her it’s ok to give you a spanking!! 

Lil Jay is waiting for daddy to come home, s…

Lil Jay is waiting for daddy to come home, sleeping in her crib in her diapers all soundly. You sneak in & watch her sleep in her diapers for a few seconds until she wakes up & screams “daddy!!” She’s so excited to see you and missed you while you were gone. It’s diaper check time & she needs a diaper change. You give her a new fresh bambino and she changes herself while you watch. She is naughty so she gets a paddle spanking on her barebum.
Then you have a surprise for her behind your back & she wants to know what it is…. it’s a pink hitachi!!! You put it on her and she looooooves how it feels and cums in her diaper.  Lil Jay is naturally hairy with a FULL BUSH

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