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💜 💙 💚 happy 28th birthday to me!💝 PayPal Email Address:…

💜 💙 💚 happy 28th birthday to me!

💝 PayPal Email Address: (used for bills)
💝 Go Fund Me Link: Click Here To Access (used for bills)
💝 Amazon Wishlist: Click Here To Access (groceries and birthday presents)

you know what i mean 😉 a few days ago was my 28th birthday and it was far from perfect, it was still the best that i could make of it because of the following reasons (and really, if you think about it – they’re all amazing reasons).

by the way, i was secretly going on about three years old. 😉

as for my physically: I did not give up. i could not give up. i am so thankful to have you supporting me – financially, with gifts from amazon to help me actually become functional so that i went from crutches to cane and from crawling to driving. i began to walk with the support of you all. thank you.

💜 💙 💚 and now, the last help i will need (i hope)

i will be unable to pay the following four bills and i need help: rent for august; electricity that is still two months behind; my internet and cable combination; and my water/sewer bill.

i am ‘on my own’ with this from now on (and while i am not ready to go into details for this, i think you all understand what i mean).

if you can assist in helping me pay for this, i can use my ‘GoFundMe’ Account to pay any of the four bills as well as my PayPal Account which will be linked below. i have also linked my amazon wishlist which lists at the top the following items: amazon gift cards (i use for the amazon prime pantry; whole food gift cards; and last but not least: happy birthday gifts that i would have wished for on my birthday as a 3 year old).

💜 💙 💚 and now, the official links

💝 PayPal Email Address: (used for bills)
💝 Go Fund Me Link: Click Here To Access (used for bills)
💝 Amazon Wishlist: Click Here To Access (groceries and birthday presents)

yours always,
sabrina – your neverland, where you’re always welcomed home to it you’re lost – or just need a place to go

neverland – making videos & much more so i’ve been…

neverland – making videos & much more 

so i’ve been overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity that’s come from many individuals who have donated to my ‘Go Fund Me’ campaign. i prefer not to advertise for myself – i rather advertise for convention’s i’m attending, other ageplayers who need the spotlight or questions answered – etcetera. however, this is one of the few times i actually am trying to work hard to get something that would greatly benefit me in my ageplay fun and adventures as well as give back to the community, which has always been my goal with dedicating a lot of my energy to this blog.

i’ve still got a long way to go before i even get the total i need for the particular camera i want, but i’m lucky enough to already have many of the lenses that can be used on said camera. i haven’t told many people this, but one big this is:

i want to start making ageplay videos. ♡ ^_^;; ☆☆☆

of course, they would be free and just fun little scenarios of me being my little self or videos dedicated from me to those who are struggling in areas of ageplay (think ‘ted talks’ but ageplay realm). the canon 70d has exactly what i need to do offer such amazing videos and produce higher quality photographs. 

you can read more about my ‘Go Fund Me: Neverland Camera Campaign’ by clicking here. any donation is helpful and would truly mean a great deal to me as an ageplayer who enjoys giving back to the community.

thank you for taking your time to read! ♡♡♡

please do not re-upload these pictures without permission.
xoxo, your neverland. 

a small sample of easter adventures!i hope everyone had a…

a small sample of easter adventures!

i hope everyone had a wonderful easter last weekend. it was a calm, relaxing one here at home with daddy! regardless of what you did, padded or not, i simply hope you took time for yourself – even if it was just five minutes, and relaxed! ♡♡ that’s something i want you to do every day – find five minutes of your day and just relax. sound like a great idea? 🙂

this little girl is ready to get cuddled up with a diaper, bottle, and enjoy the rest of this beautiful sunday! let’s hope for no accidents, right? ^_^;; luckily daddy is here in case anything like that happens (hopefully with no spankings…)!!! ♡ ♡ ♡

smile. you’re beautiful the way you are. promise.

please do not re-upload these pictures without permission.
xoxo, your neverland

please read and reblog – acceptance exists. love exists.before…

please read and reblog – acceptance exists. love exists.

before he met me, he hadn’t a clue what age play was. but then i told him and he accepted me. he accepted me for who i was, who i could be, and who he could help me discover myself as – something who grows each and every day as a better person – inside and out. 

he calls me beautiful and says that my ‘ageplay’ side is something that makes me unique and makes him fall in love with me even more.  he calls me beautiful and says that his little princess is the closest thing to love he’s ever understood.

i love you daddy. i love you lost boy. i am forever thankful that we fell in love with each other and then you fell in love with me again when i told you of this side of me, nearly seven years past. you are the beautiful one. you are a true diamond of what the ageplay world needs to show acceptance, care, and love for those who aren’t so different after all.

please do not re-upload these pictures without permission.
xoxo, your neverland. ♡

kind reminder:even if you feel as if no one likes you the way…

kind reminder:
even if you feel as if no one likes you the way you are, odds are, you’re wrong. you may be different – but then again, everyone is. we all, as a whole, are not generic duplicates of one another. we are individuals who develop and expand from birth to death. be who you want to be and love yourself for doing just that.

stay far from perfection and steer clear of normalcy. just be you. that’s the best version of yourself to date after all. 

please do not re-upload these pictures without permission.
xoxo. your neverland.


Neverland’s GoFundMe Campaign

Neverland’s GoFundMe Campaign:

thank you! i’m beyond words speechless!So after doing a few…

thank you! i’m beyond words speechless!

So after doing a few errands and working on my convention material, I got a notice from Amazon that I had one of my dresses bought from me!! – and I just posted that link like three hours ago. I haven’t a clue who got it, but thank you from the bottle of my adorable diapered bottom and my glowing heart.

I plan on using that dress for one of the two classes I teach at CapCon – I’ll post special pictures of it from the hotel room (the dress is a bit naughty so I hope scandalous pictures are ok! ^_~)! 

I do need at few pair of socks (you know knee high socks and diapers are super cute – I feel so little and cute thinking about it)! So if anyone can assist buy picking up a pair for me, I’d appreciate it so much! You can see the list of socks and whatnot on my Amazon Wishlist Here. I listed the convention clothing at the top! Please make sure when you check out, it states it will arrive by Wednesday, February 5th, as I will be flying out the next day!

Did I say it yet? THANK YOU!!! ♡

please do not re-upload these pictures without permission.
xoxo, your neverland.

ps. thank you, thank you, thank you. i can’t wait for more photoshoots! being a bit naughty in the pictures will be new, but i think i’ll like it! ♡♡

pss. i got a new domain name for my tumblr. it’s – didn’t realize my old one expired. thank you for your patience and those who let me know! 

STOP!!! PLEASE READ! THANK YOU, NEVERLAND ♡♡happy first spring…


happy first spring weekend of 2015 and a huge hello to all of you out there that have continued to be kind enough to follow me in hopes I would update.. eventually!

as i promised myself, i will be attending CapCon 2015. tickets are sold out unfortunately but i always do my best to encourage people to look into and make an adventure of it if you can! capcon is easily one of the most amazing experiences any ageplayer (or little or big or toddler or diaper lover or a mixture of any and all of the above) can have! which is why i knew i was going back for my second year!

this year i will be teaching two classes. the first being, ‘Accepting Yourself & This Lifestyle’. I taught this class last year but it was great fun so i’m stoked to be teaching it again. i’ll also be presenting a ‘pre-kindergarten’ class! remember fruit loop necklaces and cut-out snowflakes? that’s what’s going down!

being dressed up for the convention!

because I had to spend quite a bit of money for the hotel, flights, rental car, etc… i am hoping that if anyone who can hop onto my amazon wishlist to grab a pair of socks or a cute dress for me by tomorrow, i would be forever in-debt to your kindness! i selected all my options as amazon prime so as long as they are ordered by tomorrow afternoon, i’ll get them wednesday before flying out thursday!

you can see my amazon wishlist here. and rest assure, anything gifted will be honored with in a few photosets coming out after mid april when i have no summer classes and time for AGEPLAY PICTURES!!!! 🙂

THANK YOU for not only staying my friend and nonetheless, considering helping me out with a quick purchase. i know some seem a little sexy but i have an urge to do a little ‘cute-sexy-shy’ diaper outfit style here and there. ^_^;

please do not re-upload these pictures without permission
xoxo, your neverland

i cannot thank you enough to anyone who helps out with our…

i cannot thank you enough to anyone who helps out with our honeymoon! even more, i can’t thank you guys for even saying ‘congrats’ or thinking about us during our special time preparing for this event – regardless if you help out or not – i adore this ageplay family i have, and i never, ever want to let you go!

right! we’re still a year away, but most international hotels require early booking to honor the lower point amount – so THANK YOU! <3

You can purchase points at the Passport Purchase Points Page

I do have to release personal information to you in regards to my first name, last name, and passport ID for Hyatt. If you are honestly willing to support our honeymoon, send me a private message and I will give you the details to fill in!

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts for considering to help us on our honeymoon!

please do not re-upload these pictures without permission.
xoxo, your neverland.