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I don’t need those daddy, I’m a big girl look!…

I don’t need those daddy, I’m a big girl look!

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‘’What is it you are wearing under that skirt,…

‘’What is it you are wearing under that skirt, Ms. Williams? Lift it up for me please.’’

With increasing embarrassment, Emma lifted the front of her skirt with both hands, her tights still hanging around her knees, as she showed off her the pink Pull-Ups she was wearing under her uniform.

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Your girlfriend just moved out to the city for…

Your girlfriend just moved out to the city for school, but you like to be in control so you found a creative way to make sure she behaves and doesn’t let boys get in her pants. 

What else will she have to do?

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Daddy pro tip #9

For my diaper aficionados.

1. Before going on a date, ask them if they wants to wear a diaper like a little girl/boy, or a pull-up like a big girl/boy. 

2. Go out on a date publicly, get ice cream together, a trip to the planetarium or the aquarium. Anything that makes your little happy!

3. Pat their butt often, ask her if she needs a change.

4. If they say no, ask ‘’do I need to check?’’

5. Check them. Tug the waistband of their pull-up or diaper, inspect them and tell them they’re a good girl/boy for not having an accident. Make sure you do this privately.

6. a)If he had an accident in his diaper, change him in a family changing room. Little boys in diapers are expected to have accidents. Make sure you don’t hold the spot for an actual family though, use your discretion.

b) If she had an accident in her Pull-Up though, it calls for a punishment, big girls shouldn’t be having accidents. Get her to write lines when you go home or give her a good spanking. Either put them in another Pull-Up if you brought a change, or wait till you get home and change her into a diaper.

7. Get them to buy their own diapers. It’s super embarrassing, but in reality cashiers don’t care what you buy (or do they?)

8. After buying them, have them carry the diapers around in a bag. People won’t know what it is, but your little will and it’ll be enough to make them blush.

9. Remind them of what they’re wearing.. ‘‘Baby, you’re still in diapers, do you really think you’re big enough for this?’‘ ‘‘Remember to tell me if you need to go potty sweetheart, we want to keep those Pull-Ups dry today’

10. Make sure wearing isn’t only associated with humiliation! It should also be fun and cute for your little too. Wearing can be a sign of submission, but also a way to make your little feel cared for and protected. Tell them how cute and precious they are when wearing. Appreciation for their kinks goes a long way!

Reminder to always ask for consent before engaging in play and to do so as privately as possible, even when playing with limits. 

Very happy to present you with the second an…

Very happy to present you with the second and final piece from my commission with Black Rose Seduction!

This is from chapter 7 of Wet American Summer which is coming shortly as the audiobook version on Patreon!

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Excited to share this first piece by Black Ros…

Excited to share this first piece by Black Rose Seduction, inspired by characters from my stories.
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Wet American Summer (Part 24)

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Part 24

I couldn’t believe it. Where did that brat hide my suitcase?! I flipped out, rummaging through the drawers only to find them full of diapers. Fucking diapers. Even the Goodnites were missing, not that they would’ve been of any help in this situation.

I shouldn’t have put all my stuff in the same place, that was my mistake. All that brat had to do was pick it up and hide it somewhere. Now I was waddling my shiny red and very wet diapered butt through the halls of this house, trying to figure out what to do.

Frankie’s door was locked, as expected, so my only chance to find some adult clothes to cover myself up would be to sneak in one of my cousins’ room and to borrow a pair of pants for the ride back to the city. It wasn’t ideal, but it had to do.

I carefully climbed the stairs back up when suddenly I heard the front door bust open once again. Shit. Was that old freak back already?!

Joyce: Let me tell you one thing, these shows are always lame. Every year everybody goes to see them just because it’s the only attraction in this small town, but they forget how much they suck. Here at least we have the whole place to ourselves, we can have a little drink while my mom and sister watch the kids.

Was she fucking serious? Now Joyce and her dumb husband -I had already forgotten his name – were hogging the living room. I instinctively backed down a few steps. How would I walk past them? As soon as I’d go up they would surely see me in my wet diaper… Good luck getting those pants after that.

I could always change my diaper before going up… but that was beside the point. Wearing a dry diaper wouldn’t make any difference for me, other then being a bit less embarrassed.

I needed to think fast… I turned around to face my options. There wasn’t anything leftin my room besides diapers and changing supplies. Frankie’s room was locked and I couldn’t bust the door open withtout making noise. There was only one place left : the kids room.

Unenthusiastically, I pushed open the door of the large room. There was two sets of bunk beds next to each other, facing two closets but I couldn’t remember who slept where, so I got to the first one and searched through it for anything remotely close to my size.

I flinched at the sight of pink Pull-Ups stacked on the first shelf. Of course, they were there because aunt Sally insisted they all wore protection at night, but to me they only brought more attention to the fact that these children were now more potty-trained then I was. As I looked at their trainers, wearing a very wet diaper.

I picked one of them up to get a closer look. It had a Disney princess on it, not sure which one it was. I felt embarrassed, as if what I was doing was forbidden. As if I hadn’t earned my right to training pants yet, when of course, I had actually lost it.

My diaper only felt heavier and, without really knowing why, I unfolded the Pull-Up, stretching its elastic sides apart.
‘‘I could probably fit in this, I caught myself thinking. They might be designed for toddlers, but they’re not so small and I’m not so big…’‘

Why was I even considering this? Why was I not putting this silly pair of Huggies trainers aside to look for actual pants?

Of course I knew why, even if I didn’t want to admit it. Once I found something that could fit me in here, what would be the plan? I’d probably go upstairs, get past the two drunks in the living room, pretend to go in the bathroom or some other excuse only to steal more mature clothing for the bus ride.

But… what would I wear underneath those pants? Certainly not the soaked diaper I had on at the moment, so what else? I wasn’t about to put on a new diaper and my Goodnites were nowhere to be found. I could go commando, like in the morning. But how could I be sure I wouldn’t have an accident on the bus? What if I fell asleep?

I was starting to doubt my own ability to stay dry and rightfully so. Truth be told all this stress had been affecting me and while I was forced to pee myself on several occasions, I had to admit that I did not have the best nighttime track record either.

Spending the whole night outside, waiting for the bus and then a few hours of riding it back to the city… I wasn’t 100% confident I could make it. Those pink Pull-Ups might’ve been childish and humiliating, but it was better the bulge and crinkling of my night diapers.

It was certainly better then peeing my pants in a bus full of people. With that in mind, I held on to the Pull-Up as I continued my research for pants.

After flipping through folded clothes on a few shelves I finally found a pair of light blue pajamas that seemed big enough to fit me. Judging by the size, they must’ve been Ryan’s who was Joyce’s eldest son. They would most likely be too small, but I couldn’t go back home in these kids PJs anyways. This was temporary and only so I could find myself a better outfit in Nancy’s closet.

In a hurry, I closed the door behind me and ran to my own bedroom to change out of this damp diaper, at last.


That noise took me by surprise. Where did it come from?


It came from my window, a muffled voice was calling for me. I peeked through the curtains and saw James, crouching down. He saw me. Shit.
James: Ashley, it’s me! I’m coming in.

Ashley : No!

James: Please, I just want to talk, it won’t be long I promise.

Ashley: I… alright, you can… come in… just let me…

I looked around nervously and immediately threw the pink Pull-Up under my bed as I heard him open up the window.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I picked up the pajama pants and quickly stepped through the holes. I slid the pants up my legs but they got stuck around my butt, because of my diaper’s thickness.

Fuuuuck. I saw his legs go through the opening as he sat on the ledge, to jump down in the basement.

I was struggling, but after loosening the cord that went through the waistband I was finally able to force it around the padding. It was tight and a bit uncomfortable, but it was the best I could do.
I turned around. James looked surprised, staring at me in silence for a second.

James: So… what were you up to?

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quietbella: Hello world.


Hello world.

Slept Like A Baby

For like the past week I’ve worn nothing but my onesie and double diapers x)

Last night a storm came in and I got to fall asleep suckling my binky to the sounds of relaxing rain. What a chill way to fall asleep ?

It’s also a good thing I was double diapered cause I wet the bed like a ton last night ?

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