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Where to find me 💻🔌

I just made a Fetlife account! Not sure if it’s gonna be useful yet, but I’ll look into that!

I see lots of people moving to Twitter and I’ve had one for a while, maybe I’ll use it more, you can follow me here :

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New footed sleeper is perfect for hiding my so…

New footed sleeper is perfect for hiding my sogggggg

Some bonus photos of me being a squishy little…

Some bonus photos of me being a squishy little baby 🤗

I absolutely love this picture of me enjoying …

I absolutely love this picture of me enjoying my binky so much 😍 comfy in my onesie from @onesiesdownunder but I totally need an adult binky and proper ABDL diapers 😂

Thank you for your support!

I know I post about my exclusive content a lot.
Most of you know my collaborators and I post ABDL stories and audiobooks 12 times a month on Patreon.

It is an important source of income for me and it funds my creation.
Basically, that’s more time I can spend working on stories, audiobooks, artwork commissions and giving back to other content creators in this community so we can all do what we like and be rewarded for it. I also make a point of supporting fellow content creators on their own patreons.

I appreciate each and everyone of my readers, patron or not. It means a lot to me to have grown from a few people enjoying my stuff to over 12 000 followers. 

I would never shame anyone into buying or supporting my content. I would never imply that you’re not a good person for not wanting to contribute, as I understand everyone has different needs and resources and that’s okay!

That being said, I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who does find a way to support content creation. Whether it’s me or anyone else out there!

You’re making it possible for us creators to live from our art or passion and that’s a beautiful thing. 

Support a local content creator today! It’s a win-win.


Daddy pro tip #3

Ways to make your little feel little in public without embarrassing her /him.

1. Tie up her shoelaces for her, zip her coat.
2. Ask her to hold your hand when crossing the street. 
3. She can hold one or two fingers, it makes her hand feel smaller.
4. Order her food for her at the restaurant.
5. Ask the waiter for crayons. She might be shy, but she’d love to draw a picture for you.
6. Push her on a swing at the park.
7. Buy nuts or fruits and let her feed the squirrels (non-citrus and unsalted, read about what you can feed them first!)
8. Take her to see a kids movie at the theatre.
9. Ask strangers walking their dogs if she can pet them. Most people say yes.
10. Let her sit on your lap when hanging out with friends.

What do you do to make your little feel little?

Daddy pro tip #2

Tuck your little in, 10 easy steps

1. Get your little into her pajamas and let her pick her stuffies for the night.2. Have your little lie down on the bed with picked stuffies.3. Kiss your little on the left cheek.4. Add 1st layer : the sheet.5. Kiss your little on the right cheek.6. Add second layer : the plush blanket.7. Kiss your little on the forehead8. Add third and final layer : the duvet blanket.9. Kiss your little on the lips.10. Wish your little a good night & sweet dreams.11. (Bonus) get yourself in these blankets and cuddle until she / he falls asleep.

Daddy pro tip #1

1. Cut fruits into tiny bite size portions, place into a bowl.
2. Do the same with pieces of chocolate, mix with fruits.
3. Put on a movie you both like.
4. Have your little rest her head on your chest while watching.
5. Feed your little tiny fruit and chocolate bites alternatively.

6. Eat some too!

Unpopular opinion in this community… maybe?

Babytalk makes me cringe. 

I don’t like it with animals, I speak to children like they’re smart, because they are and I don’t find it attractive at all between adults during play.I said it.

I’m normally a picky little guy who only likes his thick…

I’m normally a picky little guy who only likes his thick tape on diapees, but this goodnight did its job catching a big accident and then letting me slide it down to finish on the potty. Maybe someone’s growing up ?