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I’m so happy to finally be posting pics more r…

I’m so happy to finally be posting pics more regularly 🤗

I really REALLY like how my eyes turned out in…

I really REALLY like how my eyes turned out in these pics 😍 I’ve noticed I love kicking my feet when I take selfies. I’m such a baby 🙈

Huh what? What do you mean you wanna check to …

Huh what? What do you mean you wanna check to see if my diaper is dry? 😳 I told you I’m not wet! Why don’t you believe me? 🙈

I spend way too long in soggy diapers before c…

I spend way too long in soggy diapers before changing 🙈 I know store bought diapers aren’t the cutest in the world but it’s the best I can do. 😭

I absolutely love this picture of me enjoying …

I absolutely love this picture of me enjoying my binky so much 😍 comfy in my onesie from @onesiesdownunder but I totally need an adult binky and proper ABDL diapers 😂

Okay I had fun playing with Snapchat filters t…

Okay I had fun playing with Snapchat filters this morning before changing into a dry diaper hehe 😝

I really wanna start doing streams of me hangi…

I really wanna start doing streams of me hanging out and being a baby 🙈 can you guys talk me into it? 😝

I’m baby new year!! :D hehe I want nothing mor…

I’m baby new year!! 😀 hehe I want nothing more than to spend 2018 diapered 24/7. That would be the best 🙈 I love this onesie from @onesiesdownunder so much 😌

Diaper Training Log

I’m going to have unreliable Internet access for a while, so I wanted to leave you with this incredibly squirmy-hot set of instructions that a follower kindly sent me.  They’ve given me several lengthy sessions of fun, and I hope they will do the same for you!    –helplesslyregressed


Timeliness can be the greatest trait of a respectable little girl. Little girls who do not express this behavior must be taught such lessons with a stern hand. Unfortunately, simple spankings and scoldings have not distilled this behavior in you, little girl, but mommy has a training plan for you that will give you the hands-on lessons you need.

Starting at 6:00 am, your pants and toilet privileges will be revoked. Instead, you will be diapered and copiously powdered for the day. You will notice that the disposables mommy has chosen for you do not have wetness indicators, and there is a reason for that.

For every time you go potty in your diaper, you will log it with the time and the type of accident (ie. #1 or #2) on the front of your diaper with a black marker. It must be accurate, and you must write it up-side down from your perspective so that mommy can read it from her side. This is to teach you the importance of detail, and that mommy’s perspective is the only perspective you should worry about. You will be gagged with your pacifier for the duration of the day, as any communication you must make must be done on the diaper. Writing down the time will teach you timeliness, particularly regarding your own body which you have clearly little understanding as evidenced by your recent accidents.

There are rules and punishments for the timings. Two adjacent recordings of #1 that are less than thirty minutes apart will result in 1 clothespin being added to your princess parts at your next diaper change, while those apart by 3 hours or more will result in 2 clothespins. The moment you record #2, you must immediately find mommy and direct her attention to the front of your diaper. If alerting me to your #2 recording takes longer than 5 minutes, it will result in one clothespin being added to your princess parts at diaper change time. Every extra two minutes after the initial five minutes will result in an additional clothespin. I will not be home all day, either, so you must plan for this as well. By the end of the day, this will teach you the importance of timeliness.

Finally, mommy may give her little girl permission to orgasm during the day. Any cummies made in your diaper must be recorded as such with the time that mommy gave you permission and when you orgasmed. If the difference between these times is shorter than five minutes or greater than thirty minutes, you will earn an additional clothespin.

Your numbers on your diaper will be copied at the end of the day to mommy’s personal chart so she can track your progress. I expect my little girl to be acutely aware of timeliness by the end of her training. 

Snow Storm (Part 2)

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Part 2

There I was, sitting alongside Bailey, my crush, on her bed. It wasn’t the first time we would sleep in the same bed. Although I always got a bit nervous when we did. I found myself thinking… what if I lean in a bit closer. What if we start cuddling? This time was a bit different though.

This time Bailey looked more nervous then I was. I had just discovered her secret. Bailey was a bed wetter. Looking through her closet I had found a package of Goodnites, which are pretty much Pull-Ups for bigger kids. She looked so embarrassed when she admitted to wetting the bed, but at the same time so adorable.

She was wearing one of those Goodnites at that very moment, right next to me. Although she did have her pajamas on over them, I felt a weird curiosity towards it. I wanted to know more but I didn’t know how to approach the subject.

I caught myself looking when she stretched over to reach some snacks on her nightstand, watching the pull-up’s waistband peek over her pajama pants, with the word ‘’back’’ adequately written on it.

After a moment I finally gathered to courage to speak about it.

Matt: Hum… I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable, but I’m just curious… Have you always been a bed wetter? It’s just… I’ve never noticed before.. you know, when I slept over.

I could see Bailey was hesitant to talk about it. She had this light in her eyes when I brought up the subject. Like she wanted to tell me something, but was afraid on how I would react.

Bailey: It’s a bit complicated… I’m scared that you’ll judge me.

Matt: Don’t worry about it Bai, if you don’t want to tell me it’s fine. But I want you to know that you can trust me. I would never do anything or tell anyone…

Bailey: I know that… I know… It’s just, I’ve never told anyone before. I’m embarrassed.

Matt: You shouldn’t be, it’s not your fault…

Bailey: No it’s not. It’s just… I don’t… Wet the bed.

Matt: What do you mean?

Bailey: I don’t. I’m not a bed wetter. I’ve never been one. The diapers are just… something I like to wear. That’s it.

Matt: Hold on… So you don’t need them? You… want to wear them? But…why…?

Bailey: I’m not sure why. I just do. They make me feel good. They make me feel safe and comfy and protected, like I’m a little girl again. It helps me go in a mindset that….

She paused.
Bailey: I know you might think it’s weird or creepy… but I can’t help it… I just can’t…

I had never seen Bailey look so vulnerable as she was at that particular moment. Without saying anything I reached over and gave her a warm hug.

Matt: It’s okay… It’s okay. Don’t worry. I don’t think you’re weird. I think you’re adorable.

Bailey: You do…?

Matt: Who cares what anybody thinks. If it makes you feel good, why not?

Bailey: I guess you’re right… It’s just that I had never told anyone ever.

Matt: Can I see it?

Bailey: You want to… hum, well, I suppose…

She shyly lowered her pajama pants and let me see the front of her Pull-Ups, then quickly brought them back up.

Matt: I think you look cute in them.

Bailey: Thanks.

Matt: You said it helps you go into a certain mindset… what do you mean by that?

Bailey: Well… These are just a part of it. To help me relax and go into ‘little space’. It’s something that’s different for everyone, but for me it’s a way to escape my daily adult stress, my classes and work and responsibilities… just for a moment.  I grab a coloring book or I watch cartoons and I feel like a child again. Like everything is okay and it feels so good… The Pull-Ups are just a way to help me feel little instantly, when I put them on… I feel like I can let go of all the negativity around me.

Matt: Do you feel like this right now?

She blushed, her butt crinkling lightly as she squirmed, reminding her that she was wearing a pull-up at that very moment.

Bailey: I guess so… Yes.

Matt: Are there any other objects that help you feel… little?

Bailey: Hum… Well, I have a paci… a pacifier. In my nightstand.

Matt: Do you want it?

I saw a spark in her eyes as she realized I was playing along with her. She seemed unsure, but tempted by the offer, observing me for a moment. Maybe she thought I’d make fun of her.

How could I? She was the most adorable person I had ever met. The ‘little’ thing had taken me aback at first, but as she explained how good it made her feel, I could only understand. I had always known she had a childish attitude. So what if she took it a bit further than most people?

Without waiting for her to answer I got up, opened her night table’s drawer and picked up the pacifier. I sat down closer to her and held it close to her mouth. She put her lips around it and smiled. I hadn’t seen her this happy in a long time.

Matt: Want to watch a Disney movie?

Bailey: Yes.

She fell asleep in my arms that night, a smile on her face.


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