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Watch Sundoll change from her leaky wet Huggies Pull-Ups to a Goodnite. Then, after she has an accident again, it’s decided she should go out to see her friends in a diaper if she can’t keep herself dry.

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allerted: Hey y’all! I just opened my studio …


Hey y’all! I just opened my studio on Clips4sale

There you will find all the individual videos I wrote for Sundoll​ and some of my audiobooks narrated by Maggies Cappies. 

If you’re into Goodnites, Pull-Ups and diapers, these should def be your cup of tea! I hope you enjoy 🙂

P.S. there will still be videos on Patreon, they will simply be available there for individual purchase.

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Hey y’all! I just opened my studio on Clips4sa…

Hey y’all! I just opened my studio on Clips4sale

There you will find all the individual videos I wrote for Sundoll​ and some of my audiobooks narrated by Maggies Cappies. 

If you’re into Goodnites, Pull-Ups and diapers, these should def be your cup of tea! I hope you enjoy 🙂

P.S. there will still be videos on Patreon, they will simply be available there for individual purchase.

Find this story as well as a lot more + capt…

Find this story as well as a lot more + captions, audiobooks and videos here:  allerted

Wet American Summer (Chapter 31)

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Chapter 31

When we got inside the house, I checked if anyone was around but the room was empty for now. Casey lied on the sofa and started texting on her phone.

Ashley: Hum… Casey?

Her eyes stayed fixated on her screen.

Casey: What is it, love?

Ashley: I need to go… I need to go potty.

She turned her gaze towards me, noticeably pleased at the childish way I worded my sentence. It wasn’t an affirmation, I was explicitly seeking her permission, asking her what to do, like a potty training little girl waiting to be taken to the bathroom. My babysitter had a victorious smile on her face, like a proud mom, finally seeing results in her hard work teaching a dumb toddler.

Casey: Really? Well we can start this stopwatch then. You remember your what you need to do, don’t you?

My cheeks blushed as I shamefully nodded as I slowly lifted my fist up to insert my right thumb in my mouth, biting it between my teeth to contain myself.

Casey: Good. It’ll ring in ten minutes sharp, think you can hold it until then?

I nodded my head silently.

Casey: That’s my good little thumb sucker. You remembered the rule, didn’t you? No talking or you lose. Now… l’m all for the honor system, but since you have quite a bit of history with daytime accidents, we’ll have to make sure you’re telling the truth, won’t we?

She got up and approached me eagerly. I didn’t like the look in her eyes, but I was determined to succeed and get my phone back. I was thinking of James and what I would tell him. I frowned when she got closer, sucking on my thumb like a confused baby.

Casey : Noticing you have to go is one thing… but holding it until youcan go… that’s more your weakness, isn’t it? I wouldn’t want you to claim you were dry only to find out you sneaked into the kids room again for another pair of Pull-Ups to change into. So we’ll be checking you… in real time.

She grabbed the straps of my overalls and undid both snaps before sliding it down to my ankles. My thumb was still firmly placed between my lips and there was nothing I could do but moan in protest.

Casey: What’s that, little one? I didn’t quite catch what you were saying…

She pressed on the front of my training pants, the dry padding crackled under her fingers. A Disney princess staring back at her, the wetness indicator still intact.

Casey: Good girl. 8 more minutes left, I’m sure you can make it.

That’s when I heard the sliding door open in the kitchen. My heart was racing. I was standing in the living room, thumb in my mouth, pants at my feet in a pair of bright pink Huggies. I reached down as fast as I could, trying my best to bring my overalls back up with my only available hand. Until I heard a voice I recognized, but didn’t want to hear.

‘’What on earth are you doing…?’’

It was Frankie. The little brat was standing in front of me, wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of leggings, hiding the Goodnites she had to wear. I would’ve commented on that, except I was too busy sucking on my thumb and wrestling with my jean overalls, trying to pull them back up to hide my own training pants.

Casey: Oh hey Frankie, we’re doing a little experiment here, to help Ashley with her potty training. She has to hold it for ten whole minutes before she’s allowed to go to the bathroom and to keep her focused on not wetting herself, I made sure she would keep quiet until then.

Frankie: You mean she’s sucking on her thumb so she can’t say anything?

Casey: That’s right.

Frankie: Well isn’t that swell. You know… I noticed your bowl of cereal in the sink, Ashley. Weren’t you hungry this morning?

I stared at Frankie with apprehension in my eyes, frowning and biting harder on my thumb. I considered ending it all then and there, but caving in would’ve done me a disservice and kept me further away from my phone by making a scene.

Frankie: Cat got your tongue, huh? Maybe I can help you with that.

She walked over to the sink and picked up my bowl. I wasn’t sure what she intended to do with it. Force feed me? Couldn’t she see my thumb firmly placed between my lips? One last rough patch, I thought, let them have their way for now, you can handle this. But I started slowly backing off, as Frankie moved further towards me.

Frankie: I would’ve expected to see you in a diaper today, after I took away your Goodnites… but what you have on is even better, you look like such a big girl in your training pants! And there’s an actual wetness indicator there, that’s gonna be so useful for you to tell when you have an accident! Did you get those in the kids room? Honestly you should just keep the whole pack, I think you need them more than they do… you’re probably the only bedwetter left in the house.

I kept backing off, pointing at her crotch as a way to put emphasis on the fact that she was also wearing Pull-Ups.

Frankie: What are you trying to say honey? I can’t understand you with your thumb in your mouth. Oh those?

She lifted up her T-shirt a bit and tugged at the purple waistband of the Goodnite she had on, shamelessly snapping it against her belly. Acting as if they were just normal underwear and not the glorified diapers she had humiliated me with in the past week. That bitch was owning them.

Frankie: Don’t worry, I’ll be out of those in no time. You know why? Cause unlike you, I’m a big girl Ashley. I don’t go pee pee in my pants anymore.

She was getting dangerously close. I was waddling backwards, trying to get away from her before the time was out.

Frankie: Thankfully, you went through quite a few pairs… So as soon as they run out, I expect my mom won’t be too keen on spending money on disposable underwear that always end up dry in the trash. Not to mention the environmental impact. It wouldn’t make sense… But for someone like you, who keeps peeing herself no matter what…Well, keeping you diapered at all times makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Suddenly I felt the ground escape me and before I could realize it, I was on the floor. The overalls stuck between my ankles had made me trip.

Casey: Geez, are you okay?

By some miracle my thumb was still in my mouth. I didn’t make the foolish assumption that I would be authorized to speak because I fell, so I kept my mouth shut and started picking myself back up.

Frankie: Poor thing, look what a mess you made.

It felt as if she was trying to lift me up by the back of my Pull-Ups, she was pulling on them as I got on my feet.

Then I felt it. The cold milk made its way to the soft padding between my legs and soaked through it and all of a sudden the mass came with it. She was sliding the mushy cereal down my diaper. I was horrified. I tried to push her away, but it was too late. It had taken her a second to tug at the waistband of my training pants and throw the whole thing down there.

Tears were filling my eyes and Frankie disappeared to the basement. The wetness indicator on the front of my princess Pull-Ups was fading away as the milk made its way to my crotch, increasing my need to pee. The mushy lump on my butt was pushing the back of my padded training panties. Desperate, I began to press my thighs together, trying to hold if a little longer. I was still sucking on my thumb like a little crybaby and it looked like I had just peed and pooped myself in my pink Huggies.

That’s when Casey’s timer went off.

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Wet American Summer (Chapter 30)

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Chapter 30

Back in overalls and Huggies Pull-Ups, my 4 year old look was complete. I carried around a water bottle with me which looked more like a sippy cup under these circumstances. The only way I could get my cellphone back was if I used the bathroom like a ‘’big girl’’, after sucking on my thumb for ten freaking minutes.

One more twisted game for me to play. Whenever I thought the ‘‘adult woman wearing a diaper’‘ act would get old to them, they came back with more humiliation in store.

I’m sure you’d agree I was stuck in hell, but I had seen worse. At least there was a silver lining to it all. Today was my last day in the cottage. I only had to play my part for a few hours before getting my phone back and texting James to pick me up after work. Nothing they could do or say would keep me here. I was only biding my time to avoid suspicion until the end of the day.

Casey had insisted we go outside to catch some sunlight. It was 2:00 PM already. Obviously I had to continuously drink from my water bottle in order to ‘’stay hydrated’’. I was reluctantly sipping on it when we ran into my aunt.

Sally: Good afternoon girls. Ashley, I suspect you had some time to think after such a long night..

I wondered if she was referring to the fact that I overslept or to the spectacular spanking I had received the night before. My butt still ached under the soft padding that covered it.

Ashley: I slept for so long I practically have bedsores.

Sally: Well we both know you were cruising for a bruising.

She gave my bum a few pats, as if to remind me of what happened, but when she did, she seemed surprised by the result.

Sally: What have you got under there, darling?

Before I could reply, Casey interrupted me. I was relieved I didn’t have to say it.

Casey: They’re princess Pull-Ups, the ones the children wear.

She stared sharply at Casey and asked, using her stone cold inquisitive tone:

Sally: Why isn’t she in a diaper?

There was a brief silence. The question wasn’t asked to me, but to my ‘caregiver’ and for once I was glad I was being treated like a clueless child. I had no bearing on this decision, I was simply ‘’put in Pull-Ups’, literally. According to my aunt, Casey was in charge. She probably imagined her sliding my training pants up my legs in the bathroom.

Casey: That was my idea. She woke up dry this morning and I thought we could try something new.

Sally: I believe I was clear when I mentioned her repeated accidents. I don’t think we should reward her childish behavior with… those.

Casey: On the contrary, I agree with you. And what underwear more fitting to her behavior than these pink Huggies diapers they call ‘’training pants’’ for toddlers?

My aunt did not seem convinced. At this point it was almost funny to me to witness this conversation I had no part in.

A week ago I would’ve felt embarrassed that they were discussing my underwear situation. I would’ve looked around to make sure no one was paying attention to my babysitter rambling about my diapered state. Today, however, I had no embarrassment left in me. I could only grin and grind my teeth as I let them debate on how to potty train me.

Sally: We did try Pull-Ups before. It did not work. I don’t think Ashley has any interest in using the toilet like an adult. She would much rather go in her pants.

Casey: Then let her. These aren’t the bedwetting diapers for teenagers. They’re the smaller version, they don’t hold as much. If our little Ashley decides to pee herself today, I’m not sure how much her princess Pull-Ups will hold. Then it’s on her to deal with the leaks in her overalls.

Sally: I see… You hear that Ashley? Your babysitter might’ve found a way to get you to use the potty after all.

Ashley: I’m very grateful aunty.

These sour words left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Sally: Good girl. Well I’ll leave you to it then. I’m going to catch a game of tennis with your cousin. Be good!

She waved at us and gave us the fakest smile I’d ever seen before waltzing off. I could almost see a skip in her step, she was beaming with victory after seeing me put back in my place. I couldn’t help but to stick my tongue out at her when she was far enough.

Casey: You actually enjoy this, don’t you?

Ashley: What are you talking about?

Casey: I can tell you’re having fun playing the victim. Plus you get to relive your childhood, free of responsibilities and expectations. It’s all a big game of House to you.

Ashley: You guys are acting as if I asked for any of this! Can’t you see I’m being treated like a goddamn child here?!

Casey: I see it, but maybe you’re also acting like one. Have you thought about that?

Ashley: That’s what I keep hearing. I hope one day you’re in a situation where you get humiliated and belittled and there’s nothing you can do about it. Maybe then you’ll understand what it’s like and grow some compassion.

I stormed off. How could she say something like that? I did feel less ashamed as before, but that had to come from getting used to this absurdity, right?

Casey: Don’t forget your bottle babe! Drink up.

I couldn’t help but smile a little.

We spent an hour outside, walking around town, checking out stores and getting a smoothie. Casey was nice enough, although she kept her babysitting role very seriously. It was kind of weird for me, considering we used to be friends, to have her bossing me around.

She kept asking if I had to go and urging me to drink more. I dreaded that prospect, but I knew that time would come when I would need to stick my thumb in my mouth and wait 10 full minutes before entering the bathroom. I was just hoping it wouldn’t be out and about in public, I would die of embarrassment.

Luckily for me, we headed back to the family cottage just as I was feeling the need to pee. I wouldn’t have to do the potty dance in the middle of the street while sucking on my thumb like a dumb baby.

Thinking back on it however…  it probably would’ve been a better idea.

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I don’t need those daddy, I’m a big girl look!…

I don’t need those daddy, I’m a big girl look!

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‘’See Daddy, I don’t really need diapers&helli…

‘’See Daddy, I don’t really need diapers…’’
Watch @sunshine–babydoll change from Pull-Up to diaper as she realizes she needs them in her latest video on Patreon.

‘’What is it you are wearing under that skirt,…

‘’What is it you are wearing under that skirt, Ms. Williams? Lift it up for me please.’’

With increasing embarrassment, Emma lifted the front of her skirt with both hands, her tights still hanging around her knees, as she showed off her the pink Pull-Ups she was wearing under her uniform.

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Watch the full 11 minutes clip HERE

Watch the full 11 minutes clip HERE

@sunshine–babydoll noticed you looking at the diaper packs when she had to go to the bathroom at the store the other day. She’s on to you and she surprises you during your date by putting on a pair of pink Pull-Ups to see your reaction.